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Taxify Driver Requirements in Kenya

by John Nyabuto

Taxify is an international transportation network which operates the Taxify mobile application, which allows people to request a taxi or private driver from their smartphone, just like Uber. Taxify operates in 20 countries worldwide and has mediated rides for over 3 million customers this year alone.

South Africa was the first country in Africa to launch the app then Kenya followed suit. Taxify deals with fleets and already existing taxi companies drivers hence if one wants to be a Taxify driver, he/she needs to be in a taxi company, association or fleet. Taxify has rolled out its services in major towns in Kenya like Nairobi and Mombasa and has plans to expand even more and battle other bigwigs like Uber.
To be a Taxify driver, one has to meet some of the necessary requirements to be one.

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We have listed all the requirements that a person who wants to be a Taxify driver should meet below.

1. Provide Vehicle Owner’s Identity

2. Provide your driver’s license (PSV)

3. Provide a picture of your car and it’s specifications.

4. Provide the certificate of registration.

5. Attach a proof of Insurance to your car.

6. Provide the City council business permit

7. Then go ahead and setup your Taxify Driver account after providing all the above documents to Taxify.

All those required documents are supposed to be mailed to [email protected] and then upon successful admission as a driver, training by Taxify officials is required before you could be fully verified as a Taxify driver.

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