The Argument That Sealed River Plate’s Relegation

Let’s be honest, we all know that sometimes events that happen outside of a football field can have huge effects within it. Currently is a bet company that offers excellent possibilities to wager on the best football matches from all over the world.

One of the best examples is what happened during 2011 with Argentinian giants River Plate. In that year, and after a streak of bad results that lasted for many years, they were relegated to the second division of Argentine football. This was the first relegation ever for the club. The 1xBet site is a bet company that offers lots of wagers on these huge Argentine football clubs.

There are so many chapters that surround River’s relegation that it could be perfectly possible to write a whole book about it. However, for now we will focus on a single event that, for many, sealed River Plate’s fate.

A strained relationship

Julio Grondona is probably one of the most controversial characters in Argentinian football history. Punters can visit 1xBet – bet on football now on all matches from this always entertaining competition.

He was the president of the Argentinian football federation between 1979 until his death in 2014. There were many controversies that surrounded his lengthy presidency, and one of them surrounded River Plate.

Daniel Passarella was the president of River Plate in 2011. He claimed that the referees, which were selected by Grondona, always made decisions that harmed his squad. Punters can bet on football now on 1xBet, which also has River’s matches. Specifically, he stated that:

  • the referees never signaled penalties for River, even when the fouls in the penalty box were quite clear;
  • River has had too many penalties signaled against them;
  • and also, they have had some controversial yellow and red cards during the recent tournaments.

It is quite difficult to prove whether this was true or not. However, Passarella was convinced that this was really happening.

“It is time for you to go home”

Passarella publicly complained about these refereeing decisions. Before the next crucial decision by a referee happens, make sure to visit and try its games.

In fact, the president of River went to speak with Grondona personally, demanding an explanation. Grondona answered that “rather than complaining to the referees, you should get a goalkeeper”. This infuriated Passarella, who told Grondona that “he should go home”, because he had been the president of the federation for too long.

From that moment on, it was stated that Grondona was determined to relegate River. While waiting for the next relegation, don’t forget to try some great games at the 1xBet casino.