The Dramatic Incident When Indianapolis 500 Personnel Caught Invisible Flames

The Indianapolis 500 is an exciting motorsport’s competition. There are options to make an ​​online bet on 1xBet website, which features all editions of this great race.

The 1981 edition of this race had basically everything, such as:

  • controversies;
  • penalties;
  • and a bizarre fire incident in one of the pit stops.

Here we will focus on the aforementioned point. The main protagonist of this story was Rick Mears. He was one of the drivers of the race. Everybody can make an online bet on the 1xBet website, where all members can wager on the Indianapolis 500. The driver went to a pit stop on lap 58, and here a dramatic incident would take place.

A pit stop that went terribly wrong

To understand this incident, it is important to mention that the cars that participated in this race didn’t use gasoline as their fuel. Instead, they used methanol, which has entirely different chemical properties. Feel free to visit 1xBet apk download latest version, and use it to wager on vehicles that use all kinds of fuels.

Mears took the car to the pit stop to refuel it. However, methanol began to spray from the hose before it was connected to the vehicle. As a result, Mears himself, as well as his vehicle and the mechanics who were working on the car were sprayed with this chemical substance. The latest version of the 1xBet apk can be downloaded right now, and bettors can use it to wager on all editions of the Indianapolis 500.

A terrifying property of methanol

Gasoline fires are quite obvious, as their flames tend to be very bright and can produce a lot of smoke. However, methanol is thoroughly different. When it catches fire, its flames are almost invisible, meaning that people don’t realize they are in danger until they actually catch fire themselves. At the website, punters can also wager on other races of vehicles that use methanol.

Once the methanol touched the hot engine of Mears’ car, the substance ignited. Spectators saw Mears leaving the car making all sorts of frantic gestures, not really understanding what was happening.

A mechanic approached Mears to help him remove his helmet, completely unaware that the driver was covered in invisible flames. For this reason, the mechanic himself caught fire too. In total, five people were affected by this terrifying methanol fire. Thankfully, nobody suffered serious injuries.

This incident led to a complete review of the safety measures of the Indianapolis 500, which is always available on the 1xBet platform. The most notable of them was that a safety valve was introduced, which would only allow fuel to move once the hose was connected to the car.