The Football Match With The Largest Scoreline Ever

When talking about countries with great football competitions, Madagascar is definitely not the first country that most people will think about. By visiting the popular Kenya betting sites – 1xBet, it is possible to wager in tons of different football competitions from all over the world. It should be said that there was indeed a notable occurrence that took place in the Madagascar football competition back in 2002. In fact, it was so relevant, that it even earned a place in The Guinness Book of Records.

Back then, the two most important teams from the country faced each other. They were:

  • AS Adema;
  • and SO l’Emyrne.

What was the final score? Well, here is when the notable part comes. This is because AS Adema defeated SO l’Emyrne 149-0. Yes, that’s right, it’s not a typing mistake. One team really managed to score more than a hundred goals. However, this is a story that has lots of other aspects that should be mentioned. The exciting and popular 1xBet Kenya betting sites give countless opportunities to wager on matches of this kind.

Some context

During those weeks, the final rounds of the Madagascar league were taking place. SO l’Emyrne lost a few matches during this final round. Of course, by going to it is absolutely possible to wager on the final rounds of practically any football competition across the world.

However, everybody at SO l’Emyrne, including coaches, players and the board, thought that several decisions made by the referees during previous matches were taken intentionally against them. For this reason, SO l’Emyrne arrived at the final match against AS Adema without real chances of claiming the title. For this reason, the squad decided to organize a particular form of protest. The platform 1xBet allows betting in football competitions from all over the world, including Madagascar.

How did this scoreline even take place?

The final score of 149-0 was not because of a super inspired team or by a squad that made a lot of defensive mistakes. Not at all. To the surprise of everybody, the SO l’Emyrne players decided to make a particular protest. They intentionally scored 149 own goals. By making the 1xBet app download Kenya procedure, it is possible to wager from mobile devices on whether a high score will happen.

Basically, the match went on something like this. SO l’Emyrne started from the central spot, and immediately kicked the ball against their own goal. Later, they would start again, and kick the ball again to their goal, and so on and so forth. All this process was repeated 149 times. Making the 1xBet Kenya app download procedure allows people to bet on all these curious matches from their smartphones and tablets.