The interesting bid for the 2018 FIFA World Cup between the Netherlands and Belgium

The Netherlands and Belgium jointly organized the Euro 2000. The website can also be visited to wager on all editions of the Euro too. This championship is seen as one of the most entertaining major football competitions ever.

Because of the success of the Euro 2000, and also because of the football culture of both nations, these countries decided to bid for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Visit now the 1xBet website if you want to wager on the FIFA World Cup too.

This tournament was ultimately awarded to Russia. However, the bid submitted by these Central European nations is quite interesting in its own right.

Seven venues per country

One of the first aspects that can be discussed about this proposal was the inclusion of fourteen different stadiums. The Netherlands and Belgium contributed seven venues each. You can now explore any slots online with 1xBet, which can be tried out before the next football match played in any of these countries.

Some of the most important cities that were included in the bid were:

  • Brussels;
  • Rotterdam;
  • Amsterdam;
  • Bruges;
  • Eindhoven;
  • and Liège.

In total, Belgium would contribute with seven cities, while the Netherlands would contribute five. However, in the latter’s case, both Rotterdam and Amsterdam would have two stadiums each, giving the seven stadiums per country. While waiting for matches played in these cities, you can try any online slots with the 1xBet platform, which can reward you like no other platform.

The issue with the final

Both Belgium and the Netherlands contemplated expanding many of their venues in order to bring them up to FIFA World Cup standards. Yet, probably the biggest issue that this bid had was the absence of a fully suitable stadium for the final match. You can go to the website 1xBet – famous football betting site that allows you to wager on Belgian and Dutch football.

FIFA required a stadium with a capacity of at least 80 thousand spectators for the final match. Of course, there was still plenty of time to substantially expand one of the existing venues or build one from scratch. Here is when three ideas floated. First, Belgium proposed the idea of a brand new facility in Brussels called the Eurostadium, which, by the way, was canceled in 2018.

The other two ideas came from the Netherlands. One of them was building a brand new stadium in the city of Rotterdam. The other one was to expand De Kuip, which is the home of Feyenoord and is also located in Rotterdam, to the required capacity. Visit the famous football betting site 1xBet now and wager on Feyenoord matches too.