The Latest News On England League 1

The regular season ended in the England League 1, which was marked by a tense struggle for promotion in the division, as well as the keeping places in the current division. The intensity of the matches here can be envied even by the Premier League, so it is almost impossible to go through an event-packed tournament distance without losing form.

This time, the favorites occasionally changed along the course of the championship. Only towards the end of the tournament, there formed the final three:

  • Luton;
  • Charlton;
  • Barnsley.

For each of the clubs a prize place is a qualitative step forward. The new season in the Championship will be extremely tough, because the level of workloads there is even higher. This can be confirmed by experienced players.

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It is possible that in the near future any of these teams will be able to make a qualitative leap forward and transfer not only to the Championship, but also to the Premier League, because this way was relatively recently done by Leicester.

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