The Strongest Football Team in Bolivia

Bolivian football can offer teams that have “curious” names to say it in some way. The best sports betting in Uganda only on also can be used for wagering on football from this country.

Well known are the cases of Blooming, Destroyers or Always Ready. However, there is another football team that is The Strongest. And no, we are not talking about the strongest football team in the country, the name of the squad is The Strongest. The best sports betting in Bolivian football is available only on 1xBet Uganda, which offers great wagering opportunities

This team is one of the most important football squads in the country. In fact, they are one of the squads with the largest number of domestic titles in that part of the world. Also, they have been in the top division of Bolivian football for more than a century.

Origins of the name

The club was founded in 1908. In those years, a group of students wanted to create a football team of their own. The website can be used for playing some great slot machines while waiting for some football matches.

Said students wanted their brand new squad to have an “intimidating” name. Originally, they wanted to name it “The Strong Football Club”. However, a few years later, they decided to change it to The Strongest.

It is fair to say that the team has honored their name across history. For example, in the 1930s, they won a domestic league without conceding any goal. Also, they were the first Bolivian club ever to represent their country in the Copa Libertadores. While waiting for this football competition, you can try some great slots at the 1xBet website.

Representing Bolivia in the 1994 FIFA World Cup

Against all odds, Bolivia qualified for the FIFA World Cup for their first time in their history in the 1994 edition. The coach of the Bolivian national squad at the time, Xabier Azkargorta, decided to use several The Strongest players as the core of his squad. It is possible to visit the website 1xBet apk latest version, which can be easily downloaded and installed in Android devices.

For this reason, some of the best players of the squad were considered for the tournament. Some names were:

  • Marcelo Torrico;
  • Gustavo Quinteros;
  • Óscar Sánchez;
  • and José Melgar.

Unfortunately for the Bolivians, their team was eliminated in the first round of the competition. However, they had made a great qualifying ground. This can be largely attributed to the presence of these talented footballers. The latest version of the 1xBet apk can be obtained from the official website of the bookmaker, and it can be used to wager on Bolivian football.


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