The Untold Story Of Kenyan Campus Ladies With ”Sponsors ” That You Should Check Out

Life is a flexible episode that takes the shape and path to which it is tilted to…. With many adopting the plastic comfort, living a lie and trying to scratch where their hands seldom touch while others living a true reflection of their resources, ability, means and potential. This in a broad way affects the kind of relationships youngsters embrace to compliment their lifestyle a key focus to romantic relationships.

The campus dating has taken a new tangent from generations long back to our grandparents’ time and evolved from time to time adjusting to the wave of modernity, perceived civilization and trendy happenings to the real time now existing generation ,the generation of sponsors. This is the new and most relaxed way for the campus lady to get easy, lumbsum and unaccounted for money. Money that her parents and maybe relatives cant afford to give her because of more pressing wants and needs than pleasure. Its true that campus life can be an uphill for everyone especially for those who don’t have a side hustle and keeping up with the life needs extra income apart from what parents offer.

The campus lady wants a flashy life with fun moments. she wants to Don the latest Victoria secret with the black opal make up and the Levi jeans. Therefore, there is need to earn for the expensive life. As it is most campus guys aren’t the kind of people to keep up with such expensive life because they are also on The run to lay their life foundation giving priorities to things that matter and making first things first thus dating them will be a waste of time for the campus lady. Thus, the old, big-tummied and pot bellied Wazee who have the unquenched thirst and hunger for young, fresh and explorative lads get their chance with the young pretty ladies . the sponsor will be there to foot their expenditures. From the expensive apartments, to expensive wigs and all the benefits that come with having a sponsor.Sometimes this breaks the sponsor’s marriage because they cant deliver and perform their matrimonial duties as expected. Their concentration to the young ladies makes them irresponsible parents and scarecrow husbands.

Their children suffer parental negligence and their legally married wives driven into a “Single but related ” status. This in return the lady will have to assemble her God -given honey comb for the sponsor to enjoy any day any time. Worse still,, one Lady may have a line of sponsors and she serves them at different times depending on Their time schedules and this leaves one To wonder where their bodies are cooling tanks for men on Heat or what!
This is how ladies have stooped low to get extra income to keep up with the latest trends in campus.

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