10 important things that Miguna Miguna said at the Gubernatorial Debate

In a debate that brought all the candidates vying for the  Nairobi gubernatorial seat, Miguna Miguna  managed to carry the day.  It was a heated debated that majorly sought to see the four ; Miguna Miguna , Mike Sonko , Peter Kenneth  and Evans Kidero sell their ideas in a bid to emerge winners in the August 8th Polls.

Here are some of the most important points that  Miguna Miguna  said during the debate ;


  1. ”Activism is the Engine of transformation of the society , without activists we wouldn’t be having our liberation ”

  2.  ”A Visionary leader of Nairobi should address the healthcare issue that should be universal ”  He added that when he becomes the Governor of Nairobi , he will make sure all the doctors are employed

  3.  He said that he will create hundred of jobs that will elevate the skills of the youth by building roads and a subway system

  4. You don’t need to have run a company before in order to be the Nairobi Governor, integrity and loyalty are the most important

  5. He said that will hire competent managers that will run different sectors of his government 

  6. He said that he will do a forensic audit of all transactions and deals from the time the county was formed 

  7. Cartels will not do business with him in his government which will easily identity and expose them

  8.  ”We are not going to allow Nairobi turn into a Narcos state”

  9.  ”We are not going to allow Nairobi to be run by mediocre leaders who have no vision ”

  10.  His government will offer 20,000 scholarships to bright students 
  11. His government will ensure economic independence among the Nairobi youth 
Victor Matara

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