A list Of 10 Things to Consider Before Moving To A New Apartment Within Nairobi

Many tenants find themselves between a rock and hard place once they move in to their new homes/houses.

They don’t survey/study the place before moving and its after they settle that they realize that many of the things or rules in the new apartment don’t favour them.
Below are some of the important things you should consider before moving to a new apartment within Nairobi.

1. The cost of living in the new area.
Can you afford the new lifestyle? This should be the first question that should be ringing on your mind as you consider to move. This comes handy with your daily or monthly income. Take it for example ,it is not wise or recommended that you’re living in an apartment where you pay Sh.20k per month yet your income is below Sh.50k.Remember ,investment is key also.

2. Security and safety
Carry out a pre-visit to your new environment and enquire about the safety of the place and security measures that have been put in place to ensure access to the new place each hour around the clock.

3. Access to public resources.
If you have a family, consider moving to a place where your children can be able to access school easily and safely without any hitches in security or maybe commuting to and from school daily.

4. Check for the utilities offered
Water, power and internet can be defining factors when choosing your new apartment, for instance, the current generation love internet access that is connecting to our friends and news at the comfort of your sofa. A constant supply of water is also inevitable.

5. Consider the commute to your place of work.
Is it cheaper and further more appealing as compared than expensive and close? You be the judge.

6. The landlord
While you’re taking a tour of your new apartment, get a feel of whether your landlord is trustworthy or not, don’t forget to inquire and learn about his responsibility too.

7. The policies and regulations
While renting a new apartment, there will be specific policies that you’ll have to adhere to in order to remain eligible for residency. Apparently, you have to check whether they favor your lifestyle before moving in comfortably.

8. Deposits
This is the fixed amount of money you pay your landlord before settling to cover any damages you might cause to the property. This amount can be the same as the rent, depending on the apartment.

9. Pets
If your apartment management allows pets, consider the pet deposits and pet health coverage fees before considering to obtain one.

10. Amenities
Amenities are the extras that come with the rental and can often be communal. Some amenities can be free some paid for by the owner excluding the utilities. These include:- laundry rooms ,laundry hook ups and parking lots.

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