Africa’s Top Ten countries with fastest internet Speeds

Africa has always been viewed as a continent that isn’t very connected in terms of internet speeds and the number of users  compared to other parts of the world. Kenya’s internet is faster, and cheaper as compared to many countries around the world a report by Akamai, a leading Content Delivery Network revealed. Out of the 108 countries tested globally, Kenya ranked number 23, and the country is the top ranked African country, with the fastest internet connectivity speed.
Based on the research by Akamai , here are Top 10 African Countries With the best and Fastest Internet Speeds ;
1. Kenya
2. Mauritius
3. Seychelles
4. Morocco
5. South Africa
6. Tunisia
7. Nigeria
8.Cape Verde
9. Libya
10. Zimbabwe 
Access to fast and reliable internet has helped in economic growth, job creation, growth of investment opportunities, access to online government services, improved education and training services in most African countries
Victor Matara

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