Top 10 App Developers In Kenya

Well, you might have been asking yourself, or just going to the Google Playstore and marvelling at applications and wondering, can we ever make such apps in Kenya?

Ooh yes, “we” have already done that. Our Kenyan made apps may not be of the best quality like the ones we see on the suggestion list but atleast it’s a major stride.We can solve our technological hitches by ourselves, make solutions to our problems like revolutionizing banking to an online banking system, education, security, agriculture and so on and so forth.
We decided to look at some of the top app developers in Kenya and look into some of their work below;

Muva offers numerous applications for its clients and thry develop apps for both android, BBM,IOS, windows phone or even Java ME.They also do web design and development. Muva is one of the best app developers in the country at the moment.

2.Litchman Consultants
This is a Digital Solutions Company based in Nairobi and it develops mobile applications, offers website  services. Some of their notable works are Wakilipro,Project Management(CRM),Stock Brockers Research Portal just to list a few.

After creating high quality applications for individuals or organizations,appological tracks their apps and monitord their welfare, just like a caring parent.They have got offices both in London,UK and Nairobi, Kenya. Some of the apps they have developed are;Copier Tech Chat Support, Chat V2, Root Checker Pro, Car Rentals App just to name a few.

4.Elan Telemedia Limited
This is one of the top app development firms in the country with a robust team and an experience spanning over 6 years. That’s  quite some good report on the firm’s resume as it shows that they have experience in matters web and apps design and development.

5.TrendPro Systems Limited
TrendPro Systems Limited is a software design and development firm based in Nairobi that delivers user-targeted software for startups and businesses. Their specialties include web development using Ruby on Rails and mobile application development. One of their applications is Swapp CRM Mobile app

6.Kenya Web Developers
Apart from offering web hosting services to websites, Kenya Web Developers is a firm which also has a hand in developing many apps in the country. Their apps are kinds inspirational apps and tend to pass some positive message out there about something.

7.Smart Web Kenya
Apart from offering web development and design, Smart Web Kenya also does mobile apps development majorly for android phones. They have partnered with many learning institutions and made excellent learning apps for them and as well as institutional applications.

8.Zoom IT Limited
With a major focus on security, education and agriculture/ agribusiness this firm has made available mobile apps that have easened farming activities, made education accesible to many and enhanced security.

9.Umptech LTD
They design applications for android and also for windows.

10.Space Kenya
As their name suggests,they majorly deal with location/geographical place related applications.They also develop gaming applications for android.

John Nyabuto

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