Top 10 Areas To Invest In Real Estate In Kenya

The bug of owning land has bit deep into many Kenyans, with others even using obnoxious means to acquire some parcel of land or some prime plot which they could have otherwise not  acquired.

Well, owning land is no mean feat but as know, whether you have your piece sit there idle or you invest in it, it will still yield returns because land keeps appreciating, for example,an acre bought in places like Nairobi back then in 2006-2009 was valued at around Ksh1.4 – 2 million but the same parcel can now sell for as much as Ksh6.8 -10 million. And by the way, land is the best inheritance to pass down to your children.
The bug of owning land in Kenya has transformed into a booming business as phenomenal projects have picked up or grown  even further in the real estate sector.
With an increase in demand for homes and home ownership, the sector has skyrocketed within such as short period.
Real estate has sprung so fast that some of the richest people in the country have built a fortune through it.
Today we delved into top 10 areas in Kenya to invest in real estate where high returns are a surety.




4.Athi River

5.Kangundo Road


7.Mombasa- Nyali

8.Milimani- Kisumu

9.Riat Hills

10.Nanyuki- Isiolo

Other areas are

Awasi and Kibos
Syokimau(mostly for private residentials)

Land availability, proximity to the nearby towns, nearness to many crucial social amenities and reasonable prices in these locations has made these places a major real estate hub

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