Top 10 Biggest Airports in Africa

You may have traveled by air domestically or internationally and marveled at the size of the airport, but you may not know exactly how big it is, how many others which are bigger than that airport and the exact space the airport sits on.

We analyzed all the major airports within Africa and came up with a detailed report on some of the biggest airports in Africa.

1. Oliver Tambo International Airport.
This airport in Johannesburg, South Africa is the biggest airport in Africa.
The airport is named after Oliver Tambo, one of the founding fathers who fought for the liberation of South Africa from the colonialists.
It adds up as one of the busiest airports too in Africa.

2. Cairo International Airport.
Cairo International Airport is found in Cairo, Egypt. It boasts of over 65 international airlines plying all over the world. It is radically improving and with expansion, it may soon overtake Oliver Tambo International airport.

3. Cape Town International Airport.
This airport found in Cape Town, South Africa and is just a 20 minutes drive from the Central Business District of Cape Town.
This airport serves more than 8.9 – 9.2 million passengers per annum.

4. King Shaka International Airport.
Seems South Africa as the majority of these big airports in Africa. King Shaka International Airport is found around 30km away from Durban. At only 7 years, it has drastically grown to be one of the biggest airports in Africa and it has a large clientele of 5 million passengers each year.

5. Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport.
Sharm El-Sheikh Airport is named after it’s city, Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt and is very busy than many other bigger airports. It has a large customer population of 7.6 million passengers per annum.

6. Hurghada International Airport
Sprawled 5km southwest of El Dahar, Hurghada Airport is found in Egypt.
It is currently under massive expansion and may surpass many other big airports.

7. Mohammed V International Airport.
This airport is located 30km southeast of Casablanca, Morocco and served almost 7.3 million passengers per annum.

8. Murtala Muhammed International Airport.
This airport in Lagos, Nigeria handles more than 6.4 million passengers per year and is the biggest and busiest airport in Nigeria.

9. Jomo Kenyatta International Airport
Our very own airport comes at number 9 and is the busiest and biggest in Central Africa.  It is named after the first Kenyan Prime Minister and President Jomo Kenyatta and it serves more than 5.1 million followers per year.

10. Port Elizabeth International Airport
It’s found in South Africa and just about 10 minutes from the major area in Port Elizabeth.
South Africa has some of the best airports in Africa and this airport which comes last in the chart serves around 4.7 million passengers per year.

John Nyabuto

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