Top 10 Companies with the Best Paying Jobs in Kenya

You can easily land a job in Kenya. However, that never guarantees you the best salary. There are very many companies and each has its own structure of paying their workers. However, some companies have a good reputation when it comes to salaries and many Kenyans often wish they could get a job from one of the companies.

This is a list of the Top 10 Companies with the best paying jobs in Kenya.


East African Breweries is a premier beer manufacturer that has managed to stay on top of the game for many years, not just in Kenya, but in the whole of East Africa. EABL jobs pay handsomely and graduates receive high starting salaries that can’t be compared to other companies in Kenya.

2. Price Waterhouse Coopers ( PWC )

This is an international company that is considered the largest auditing firm in the country. Some of the best accountants and auditors from various universities and business colleges are absorbed by PWC every year through their graduate programmes. In order to get a job at PWC when you graduate, you need to keep an eye out for when they announce the graduate programme and then make your application count.

3. Kenya Airways

Kenya Airways is a well-known brand in the country. This is one of the companies that offer Kenyan jobs with good salaries, amazing working conditions and job security. Kenya Airways employs a number of professionals including cabin crews, pilots, engineers, IT specialists and all other relevant fields. You can get vacancies of Kenya Airways jobs on the company website or look at listings on various online job sites. This company has continued to expand and in the coming years, it is expected to grow even bigger.

4. Safaricom 

This is one of the few brands in Kenya that has been endorsed by millions of people to an extent that other communication network providers can’t come close. Safaricom has been first when it comes to things like mobile banking. It is because of these unique products that the company has always been ahead of the game.

5. Kenya Commercial Bank

KCB is one of the leading financial institutions in the country. It offers very reliable financial services which explains why it continues to grow not just in Kenya but in the East African region and beyond. KCB offers very lucrative Kenyan jobs for people who have studied a wide range of fields.

6. Kenya Revenue Authority

This is a state corporation that is known to offer some of the most lucrative careers in Kenya. You get a high starting salary when employed as a fresh graduate at KRA. The company usually conducts a massive graduate recruitment where they select the best candidates from hundreds or even thousands of applicants.

7. Bamburi Cement

One of the most highly recognized cement manufacturers in the country is Bamburi Cement. The company has been in the industry for many decades and is known to offer high-quality cement products across East Africa. Bamburi cement has the main branch located in Mombasa but the company has several branches countrywide. Kenyan jobs offered at Bamburi cement pay very well and offer great employee benefits. In order to get a job at Bamburi Cement, you can start by applying for an internship programme and the company might later absorb you as a permanent employee.

8. Nation Media Group

One of the leading companies in Media and Entertainment is NMG (Nation Media Group). The company specializes in media coverage on their TV Channel across the country and in East Africa, as well as print media. The Daily Nation has been recognized as the leading newspaper in the country for many years. Well-paying Kenyan jobs offered at NMG include news presenters, reporters, IT experts and other media specialists. Nation Media Group offers great employee benefits and salaries which is why many fresh graduates dream of having their first jobs at this company.

9. Toyota Kenya

Toyota Kenya is a big brand in the country. It’s known as one of the oldest automobile companies in Kenya. They have a big market share in the country and in 2012, they were recognized as the leading company in Kenya through COYA (Company of The Year Awards). Toyota offers a variety of Kenyan jobs that pay really well.

10. Equity Bank

Equity Bank is one of the most well-known financial institutions in the country. The bank has more than 250 branches and thus huge employment opportunities for graduates in Kenya. Kenyan jobs at Equity Bank are available for entry-level positions and highly experienced professionals as well.

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