Top 10 Countries in Africa With Fastest Internet Speeds 2020

This is a list of top 10 countries in Africa with fastest internet speeds as of 2020. Kenya has Africa’s fastest mobile Internet speed at 12.7 megabits per second.  Kenya’s internet is faster, and cheaper as compared to many countries around the world according to a report by Akamai, a leading Content Delivery Network.  Below is a list of 10 African Countries with the best and fastest Internet Speeds.

Country Speed
1 Kenya 12.2
2 Rwanda 7.69
3 South Africa 6.74
4 Mauritius 5.74
5 Morocco 5.17
6 Lesotho 5.07
7 Tunisia 4.45
8 Nigeria 3.85
9 Cape Verde 3.85
10 Angola 3.72

The report says that 88% of Kenya’s population enjoy the fast internet speeds through mobile phones which has been attributed to the successful implementation of the National Broadband Strategy (NBS) hence cheap data rates.

Victor Matara

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