Top 10 Flower Growing And Exporting Companies In Kenya

Agriculture accounts for the largest percentage of Kenya’s Gross Domestic Product, about a staggering 24%. Horticulture, as a branch of agriculture, has significantly grown over the past years and floriculture has been one of the major contributors to this growth.

Flowers from Kenya are mainly exported to Europe, Holland, the United Kingdom, UAE, Germany, Japan, Russia, the USA and other EU countries. They are also sold domestically in the local Kenyan market.

Below is a list of top flower growing and exporting companies in Kenya.

1.Finlay Flowers Limited

Contact: 0712 16636
Location: Naivasha

2. Magana Flowers 

Contact: +254722 897903, +254733615035

3. Uhuru Flowers

Contact: 0713 889574

4.Enkasiti Flower Growers Limited

Contact: 020 2251323


Contact: 067 5854043, 0733 637090

6.Desire Flora

Contact: 0736 329980

7.Baraka Roses
Contacts: 0740 383695

8.Alani Gardens
Contacts: +254 722-364 943

9.Black Petals Limited

Contact: +254 722 825429

10.Oserian Flower Farm

Contact:+254 50 2030210 / +254 727 534 550

Molo River Roses Limited

Contact: 0705 400400

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