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Top 10 Insurance Aggregators In Kenya

by John Nyabuto

This article highlights a list of top 10 insurance aggregators in Kenya. Insurance aggregators or rather insurance comparison portals help you to compare the available insurance policies. Hence enabling you to settle for the best and affordable insurance policy.

Insurance aggregators compare almost all insurance policies from motor insurances, life insurances, health/medical insurance, agricultural insurances and even pension insurances. Through these aggregators, you won’t be “exploited” by an insurance company for not knowing which insurance you should have bought and which you should have avoided.

Here are the top 10 insurance aggregators in Kenya.

1. Pesa Bazaar

Pesa Bazaar is Kenya’s premier aggregator that provides online insurance comparison services for car, medical, property and life insurance in Kenya. They give comparisons from a wide range of providers so that you as the consumer can always find the best policy cover available that fits your individual needs. It is the one stop shop to compare and save money on your premiums and it provides an accurate and convenient service to empower the consumer to find and purchase the best cover available on the market.

Contact: 0791499944

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.pesabazaar.com

2. Insure Afrika

Another top insurance aggregator that apart from giving aggregates majorly for motor and health insurances, they have educative articles about matters insurance.

Contact: +0-800-721-200

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.insureafrika.co.ke

3. Compare Guru

Compare Guru saves you from the strenuous task of browsing through financial services and offers its clients the widest selection and the most affordable deals where one can easily compare the latest and cheapest insurance, and personal finance deals simply


Website: www.compareguru.co.ke

4. Save Kubwa 

SaveKubwa is another aggregation and comparison service provider in Kenya which gives its clients the best prices in the market which are unbiased and full of transparency. They majorly guide their clients to buy the right motor insurance at the right price of course.

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Contact:  +(254) 072 414 4466

Website: www.savekubwa.com

5. Sokompare

This is the one-stop for everything cars. They compare motor insurances and even sell cars and motorcycles.

Website: www.sokompare.com

6. Pacific Insurance Brokers

Pacific Insurance Brokers are one of the fastest growing approved insurance comparison portals in Kenya and they help their customers in comparing different insurance policy quotes and products like motor, life, health, travel, and travel among others and further guide them in purchasing insurance plans helping them make an informed choice.

Contact: +254-712-658629

Website: www.pacific-group.co.ke

7. GrassRoots Bima

GrassRoots Bima is an insurtech company established to meet the insurance needs of the mass market through innovative inclusive insurance. GrassRoots Bima also compares various insurances to get just the best for their customers.

Contact: +254 774 803070

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.grmicroinsurance.com

8. Bismart

Bismart is one of the leading Kenyan insurance aggregators which majorly leverages on digital platforms to reach out and connect with customers and connect them with the best insurance policies in the market. They compare and educate their clients on the different types of insurance and which are the best for them.

Contact: +254(0)706126668

Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

Website: www.bismart.co.ke

9. MyInsure

At Myinsure, you get to choose from a variety of insurance products, including health, personal accident and motor and they provide custom quotes that enable you to compare benefits and rates from Kenya’s top insurers.

Contact: (+254) 713 502 343.

Website: www.myinsure.africa

10. Wazinsure

Wazinsure helps you compare insurance policies and also pools many insurance policies at one point so that you can get the best one for yourself easily.

Contact: +254 774 803070

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.wazinsure.com

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