Top 10 Major Tea Growing Regions In Kenya

This is a list of major tea growing regions in Kenya. With more than 111,002 hectares of land under tea and 303,308 tonnes of tea annually, it’s quite obvious why Kenya is a major producer of tea in the world after China and India. More than 4.5 million Kenyans depend directly or indirectly on this tea which makes it a major source of livelihood for almost 8% of Kenya’s entire population. Tea is majorly grown in the highlands where rainfall is adequate and temperatures humid.

The tea industry is controlled by the Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA) which has tea factories in all tea growing regions. Kenya has around 271,000 active tea farmers who contribute heavily to the 303,308 tonnes annually.

Here are the major tea growing regions in Kenya.

1. Kericho

2. Nyambene Hills in Nyambene

3. Nandi 

4. Kakamega

5. Thika

6. Maragua

7. Cherangani Hills 

8. Muranga

9. Kiambu

10. Nyeri

Other regions are like Kisii and Nyamira



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