Top 10 Most Preferred Breakfast Cereal Brands In Kenya

Here is a list of top 10 most preferred breakfast cereal brands in Kenya. What do you normally take for breakfast? Most people take a cup of tea or coffee with a toast of bread while others drink tea with a healthy breakfast dish like arrow roots and sweet potatoes. Others take an elaborate breakfast which is complete with yoghurt, bread, juice sausages, cereals and even fruits.

Many people have not fully embraced the use of cereals for breakfast as it looks more “unAfrican” or rather out of many’s pocket range. They would rather take tea with mandazi or even porridge with some native tubers. As of now, the most preferred breakfast cereal brand is Weetabix with a value share of 47% followed by some margin by Proctor & Allan EA LTD with a value share of 15%, then followed by Nestle Foods Kenya Ltd at 13% and then Kellogg Co with a value share of 11% as of April 2018.

Here are the top 10 most preferred breakfast cereal brands in Kenya.

1. Weetabix

2. Proctor & Allan  Flakes

3. Cerevita (Nestle)

4. Kellogg’s

5. Temmy’s Cereals

6. Porridge Oats

7. Cheerios

8. Morn

9. Multibix Cereal

10. Bokomo


John Nyabuto

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