Top 10 Popular Car Brands that Everyone Now wants to own in Kenya

Owning a car in Kenya today is like a basic need, reason being the yearn to be punctual in meeting and convenience. Owing to that, many car brands have flocked our roads. It’s also good to see that gone are the days when the majority of the cars on our roads were from Toyota. Today, we are going to look at some of the brands that have taken over our roads by storm in 2017.

Here are Top 10 Car Brands that Everyone Now wants to own in Kenya.

1. Honda

2. Nissan

3.  Volkswagen

4. Toyota


6. Audi

7. Mazda


9. Ford

10. Mitsubishi

11. Hyundai

These also happen to be one of the best selling cars in Kenya 2017.

Victor Matara

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