Top 10 Richest Celebrities In Kenya

Being a celebrity is one thing, and being rich is another. We have broke celebrities out here,  too bad. But we also have rich celebrities. Celebrities who know where to reap from, where to invest and how to spend the huge amount of money in their bank accounts wisely.

Well, today we have rolled out for you some of the richest Kenyan celebrities in Kenya.

A  vivid definition of from grass to grace, Akothee defies all odds to sit on top of the chart as the richest celebrity in Kenya. She has interests in music, safari tours (Akothee Safaris) and real estate.
Music alone mints her a lot of money and she has got private apartments abroad, in Mombasa, Nairobi and In her hometown in Nyanza.

Jaguar, A musician cum’ incoming Starehe Mp takes the third slot. Jaguar has major investments in the country and music too earns him some cool cash.

Churchill aka Mwalimu King’ang’i has tried so much to keep his private life and property out of the public limelight but he earns millions of money for a single show from adverts to tickets.
He is the pioneer of the Kenyan comedy show and it is obviously paying back handsomely.

4.Allan And Kathy Kiuna
This power pastor couple is the wealthiest pastors in Kenya. Their church, Jubilee Christian Church(JCC) has thousands of followers. They live on a fast lane, in big mansions, drive sleek cars and school their kids at the best international schools in the country.

5.Eric Omondi
Renown Comedian Eric Omondi recently bought himself and his wife two Mercedes Benz’s for each of them.
Eric reaps heavily from advertisements, endorsements, corporate events and functions, stand up comedy shows and many other investments out the media sector.He is so far one of the richest comedians in Kenya.

6.Muthoni Drama Queen  

Muthoni Ndonga, popularly known by her stage name Muthoni The Drummer Queen has made millions from her music. She also has international tours once in a while and they bring in a lot of money. Muthoni is also a Businesswoman and she is also the brains behind  Blankets & Wines and the event is so much hyped that even international artists come to grace it. She reaps heavily from it.


Wyr the love child has gained his wealth through endorsements such as Sportpesa, Samsung and other earnings from music too.

8.Nameless and Wahu
Nameless is also a man of means. His musical journey started in 1999 when Capital FM was searching for talent. Thereafter, the deep-voiced singer released hit after hit, collaborating with the late E-Sir and other top artists. In a span of 10 years, the singer managed to accumulate quite a substantial amount and managed to stay very relevant. He owns several properties within and outside Nairobi. Together with his wife, their assets add to the millions worth of placing them on the 8th position.

9.Size 8 And Dj Mo
Linet Munyali Aka Size 8 has featured in too many commercials and promotions, hosted numerous TV shows, graced numerous corporate events and performed at countless events. Her husband on the other side hosts a tv shows and DJs at numerous events. Their resources pooled together add up to millions of shillings. Remember their kid too, Belle Wambo is a brand ambassador for baby diapers, which earns her good money.


Prezzo is a renown Kenyan musician but has been off the screens for a while now. His riches are majorly from Family wealth- The Makini Family.

Others celebrities are;

Nonini is a top earner from MCSK’s quarterly earnings where he takes home millions of shillings in form of royalties.H e also has interests in music production.

Ringtone who is a Gospel artist has interest in other businesses apart from music such as passenger bus business. He also has a construction company & earns revenues from his Music.

Juacali’s uniqueness has garnered him thousands of loyal fans who are normally ready to fill up clubs and other venues whenever he stages shows. Well, with incessant shows comes lots and lots of money. The rapper as amasseda lott of wealth over the years courtesy of music. He also earns through endorsements. Juacali has a very big mansion in Kahawa Sukari.

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