Top 10 Things Most Kenyans Do On the Internet

The internet just revolutionized how everything is done nowadays and many of us can’t just do without the internet, it has basically become part of us and vice versa. Millions of Kenyan internet users go online for many reasons; like for business purposes, leisure and even to others spend their time online with some ill motives.

Here are some of the major reasons why many Kenyans go online

1. Chatting/WhatsApp
The major reason why many Kenyans go online is to chat. The major chatting platform which requires one to go online is WhatsApp. Many Kenyans spend most of their time on WhatsApp chatting with family and friends and 75% of all Kenyans who go online usually take most of their time on this platform.

2. Facebook
Many people find it interesting documenting their day to day activities on Facebook and checking on what is new, what is happening around the world and even doing business on this platform. When somebody goes online, the first thing most people do is to check on new WhatsApp messages and then turn over to Facebook where 61% of people going online using their time on Facebook.

3. Music Streaming
With the many music streaming platforms, 34% of all Kenyans who go online each day spend their time listening to music online.

4. Visiting Information Sites & Blogs
22% of Kenyans who go online to get information about something like a research for a project, education from google or other sites like to get all the information they need to know about what is happening around them.

5. Email
This looks like it usually happens to the employed only but its either way… 22% of the people who go online; that’s both the employed and even the unemployed Kenyans check their emails for updates about jobs, to check whether an interview they went to recently bore fruits or to read a work memo or some work documents.

6. Betting
Another 22% of all people going online use their time betting on the many available betting sites.

7. Video Streaming
This entails streaming videos either on YouTube or any other video browser online. A total of 19% all Kenyans online send their time watching videos online.

8. Gaming
There are many online games available for Kenyans to play online and a total of 13% of Kenyans who spend their time online spend it gaming.