Top 10 Universities In Kenya With Most Active Social Media Users – 2017

The social media revolution is arguably the central technological shift of the last decade. Having a well-crafted social media presence is now as essential as having an attractive and functional website was in the early 2000s. Yet many people still express some bewilderment as to how to build a winning social media presence that can coexist comfortably with the image of universities as formal institutions, conveying prestige and tradition without seeming stuck in the past.In the recent research based on the number of twitter followers, we came up with the list below;


  1. The University of Nairobi – 30.7K Followers
  2. Mount Kenya University – 30.3K Followers
  3.  Kenyatta University – 24.4 K Followers
  4. Strathmore University- 19.1K Followers
  5. United States International University- 12.1K Followers
  6. Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology University – 10.8K
  7. Zetech University – 4.4K Followers
  8. St Paul’s University – 3.9 K Followers
  9. KCA University – 3.7K followers
  10. Maseno University – 3.5K Followers
  11. Egerton University – 2.9K Followers
  12. Moi University – 2.8 K Followers

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