Top 10 Useless and Worst Degrees For Today’s Kenyan Job Market

We all know that going to college/university in Kenya promises the opportunity to further your education, meet new people and get a taste of independence. The value of a  degree is becoming more and more worthless, so make sure the degree you get isn’t just a waste of time and money. You don’t want to be in debt to HELB student loans your entire life or be getting paid the same amount, or even less, than a person who went straight into the workforce with no college experience.

You may have wanted to follow your dreams, but it’s always good to evaluate whether you can survive off these jobs. These are the ten worst degrees in today’s job market;

1. Theatre Arts and Film Technology

Unless you’re a Hollywood heavy hitter, the life of a producer may not be as glamorous as you might picture it in our country.

2. Political Science 

I know a number of friends who have not had a chance to practice this degree, the reason being there are Mutahi Ngunyis.

3. Criminal justice

Security bosses in this Country will not allow graduates to practice this Job because they believe that their services are useless regardless of the state of security in our country.

4. Chemical engineering

This is one of the courses that getting a job in Kenya will be much hectic. Before pursuing such a course remember that we are not a developed country like China and Russia.

5. Teaching

The best place this job can land you in Kenya is being a secondary teacher. However, its poor working conditions and peanut salaries will discourage you.

6. Bachelor of Theology and Biblical studies

We all know that preaching is a calling from God, why go to school then?

7. Psychology and Counseling

This is a good course but finding a job in Kenya will take you decades.

8. Sports Science

Most of the graduates from this course end up being gym instructors in Nairobi. Quick question, with this economy why waste money in the gym?

9. Hospitality

Most graduates from this course say that you need strong connections for you to get a job in this field. According to recent data released by the joint admission board (now  Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service), it considered the course to be less in demand in the Kenyan labour market.

10. Microbiology 

I’m sure microbiology is a rewarding field for the old people who practice it, but its demand in our country is very low. You also need to know that a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology is insufficient for you to be employed. I know a lot of friends who did microbiology and now are salesmen.

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