Top 5 Insurance Covers You Must Consider Getting In Kenya

The world is growing and in a very huge manner. It is, therefore, a dire need to place care in everything you are involved in. Below are some insurance covers that have always been vital and you may consider getting in Kenya.

1. Health Insurance
Health is an unpredictable circumstance. It is therefore advisable to get a medical cover. There are so many health insurance companies in our country today that are prompt in response. However, if pricing or the clauses in the covers are too expensive, you may consider going the Government way by kick-starting your health protection journey through getting the NHIF insurance cover. Always keep your health a priority.

2.Vehicle Insurance
This is a no brainer. The number of accidents which occur on our roads have made getting a vehicle insurance a priority. Actually, its a crime driving without a renewed insurance in Kenya. There are different car insurance covers ranging from third party cover, fire,  theftto comprehensive cover which are cost effective. It is important to be insured but it is more important to be a careful driver.

3. Property Insurance
Did you know that even a gadget as small as your phone can be covered? You may need to consider getting property insurance by getting all your property safely secured. Theft can happen at any time, fire or even accidents leading to losing of your valuable property.

4.Worker’s Compensation Insurance
This goes to companies that have directly employed people. It is important to have the health and security of your employees covered. This minimizes the risks of losing credibility within the industry especially if an employee gets hurt then dismissed. Such a cover ensures that all employees are kept safe and makes sure that any danger involving activities within the company are covered so as not to risk losing a life.

5.Home Insurance 
Home insurance covers the house, domestic employees and the owner against legal costs arising from incidents or accidents. This may arise from the following causes :

  • Fire, lightning, earthquake, storm or floods
  • An explosion of domestic appliances
  • Riots and strikes and malicious damage
  • Bursting or overflowing or water tanks/pipes
  • Impact by vehicles, animals and falling trees or branches
  • Accidental death or injuries to domestic employees
  • Loss, accidental damage, and or theft of items covered.

Changing times have led to the growth of different chances and opportunities. However within this opportunities can be risks. This should not leave you living in fear consult on insurance cover and pick covers that can secure you and your assets for a lifetime.


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