Top 5 Kenyan Celebrities Who Were Dumped And Cried Like Babies

Real men aren’t measured by the size of their wallets. Real men aren’t seen from the number of women they sleep with. Real men aren’t seen though the successes they have in life. Real men are seen through how they handle themselves when strife chooses to visit their lives. Real men are measured based on how far they bounce back after hitting rock bottom.

So today I decided to have a look at just who among the many Kenyan celebs have been dumped and handled it like a man and those who cried like babies .Here is my list:

Dennis Okari (Betty Kyallo)

He handled his mess like a real man. I met the man and what I can say is that I have truly learnt a lot from him. He is calm and at peace. He uses his relationship with his God to help steady and he is letting time deal with his pain.

DNG (Yvette)

DNG decided not only to air his dirty linen in public but also went as far as to flaunt his flings to his estranged wife in the name of posting Instagram photos.

I actually had to catch myself when I saw him give me life advice and call me out -homie actually has no right to advise anyone. Get your life right fam. Do not be those lads that become so poor that all they have to show for their lives is money!

Prezzo (Michelle Yola)

Prezzo  even revealed his thing on live TV simply because he was upset at the fact that his lass was through with him!

Attitude (Mercy Myra)

This guy I guess just reacts like I’d expect African American men to react -like little child. I was entirely unimpressed with the fact that his African woman showed more composure than him. He keeps insulting her and addressing their issues on Twitter but he does.

Izzo Raps (Eunice Njeri)

He is a real man. He didn’t start crying like some love-struck heifer. he kept it cool and collected. You cannot help but root for the man.


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