Top 5 Most Annoying Questions On The First Date

Look, when you take out a girl whom you really like and hope that one day she will be your girlfriend, it is your full-time responsible to make her happy and comfortable around you. Girl, if you have been taken out, you ought to behave and play along. Consider his feelings. You both wanna enjoy that moment while it lasts. Don’t be like;


1.A repeated ‘What is the time?’

That’s an irritating question, especially when asked after every two seconds. Well, time? You need not to care about that because, at the end of it all, he will still drop you by your door side. In as much as he will grin sheepishly and reply, in his mind he will be like; Why is she in such a hurry? Is she going to see another man? Why can’t she give me enough time with her?


2. Are you good with cutlery?

It’s cool, to be honest, but this question is kinda demeaning. Just because I was not raised in some leafy suburb or gated community does not mean am a newbie when it comes to the spoon, fork and knife jargon. The major concern should be how that food gets to my stomach without messing me up, not how I hold the fork or spoon. You don’t need to humiliate her coz of her background, she will sort herself. Don’t be disrespectful.


3. Can you settle the bill?

He knew pretty well what he meant when he walked you into Sarova, and not some fast food joint to buy you fries and chicken. At the back of his mind he knew his pockets were loaded and before he asked you out for a date, everything was figured out in his head. Save him the pain of being belittled, just because you thought he was a jerk who cannot afford chums to settle bills. That questions literally implies how microscopic you think his financial health is.


4. Why did you break up with your ex?

Ooh really, don’t spoil our moment with my terrible past. You could have some other time elsewhere and talk about your past. A date is supposed to be a time well spent by two people of opposite sex, who compliment each other, talk about their lives as per the moment and look into a potential future that they might step into together. About his ex, it has nothing to do with the date.


5. Why did you put on make-up?

Well, this could be a genuine concern but you could ask her sometime later when you have completely worn her heart over. Men need to learn to appreciate ladies who do make-up because it’s an art that boosts their confidence. She might have done it to please you. Don’t humiliate her, or rather ask her in a manner that won’t offend her.



Life is be beautiful, time is precious. Make the most out of it.