Top 5 Most Popular Laptop Brands in Kenya

Laptops have become so much part of our daily lives it’s hard to imagine a world without them. Recently, with the advent of the digital era, there has been an upsurge of laptop brands all competing to win consumers’ attention and dominate the market.

While this is good news to customers especially since some brands will lower their prices to survive the competition, it also means that low-quality laptops are penetrating the Kenyan Market. That is why brand reputation and credibility is an important factor to consider when buying a laptop in Kenya.

So, what are the best laptop brands in Kenya?

There are many laptop manufacturers in Kenya but the following 5 are the most popular among consumers. 

1. HP

For years, HP has been releasing one great laptop after the other. It is no doubt a favorite of many Kenyans. The best thing about this brand is that most of their laptops are very cheap. This means that they can be easily afforded by the low-income group and students.HP laptops come with powerful features and great designs. It is no doubt that most people who buy laptops for the first time in Kenya settle for this brand.

So if you are looking for an affordable entry-level laptop, try this brand.

2. Lenovo

Lenovo is quickly winning the hearts of many consumers in Kenya. If you are looking for cost-effective laptops with great performance, this brand won’t disappoint. Lenovo laptops are sturdy performers with unmatched designs and dependable battery lives.

Most of the cheap gaming laptops in Kenya come from the Lenovo family. Take the Lenovo Legion Y530 for instance. It comes with all the specs a veteran gamer needs and you won’t have to break the bank for it.

3. Apple

 If you’re among the few people who prefer the costlier gadgets in the market, then a Mac is the way to go. These laptops come in very sleek designs and unrivaled features that make them worth their value.

The good thing is, MacBooks are not just about social status. Once you start using them, you won’t fail to appreciate their performance. So if you have a fat wallet and need a laptop that fully satisfies your needs while making you the center of attention, try Apple.

Definitely one of the best laptop brands in Kenya.

4. Dell

Dell is an old fish in the Laptop market but it has never ceased to surprise consumers with great products. In fact, they have significantly upped their game when it comes to introducing powerful laptop features.

Dell laptops are not only affordable with clean designs, but they are also known for high-end performance and gratifying durability. If you want a laptop that will last longer and perform high duty tasks, you will love this brand

5. Acer

It is easy to be spoiled for choice when it comes to Acer. The brand has been around for quite some time now and we’ve never found a reason to be disappointed at their products. Acer laptops are not on the higher end of the performance chart, but for an entry-level user, this is the real deal.

Most Acer laptops are among the cheapest in Kenya. But that does not mean that their quality is sacrificed. You will still get the same amazing specs that come with the best laptops in Kenya. They are easy to use and often employ sleek designs.

If you are buying your first laptop and you are on a budget, try Acer.

The above laptop brands are not the only ones in Kenya but they are the most popular. Other laptop brands you should check out include Asus, Microsoft, Toshiba, Sony, and Samsung.

Now you know the most popular laptop brands in Kenya. But before you buy one, ensure that your laptop has:

  • no less than 4gb RAM
  • comfortable and easy to use keyboard and touchpad
  • a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels or more
  • great computing power

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