Top 5 Online Part Time Jobs for Kenyan University Students

Kenyan university students often find themselves with so much time to spare. With the harsh economic times in Kenya, it is important that you put that extra time into good use to help you generate some income that may cushion your school budget or even secure your near future.

Here is a list of the top Kenyan part-time jobs ideal for students in Universities in Kenya.

1. Online Writing

One of the best ways to earn money while on campus is to be an article writer. Many companies are looking for Kenyan university students with good writing skills. If you are good at grammar and language, then this could be a perfect opportunity for you to make some cash on the side. You can make up to Ksh 1,000 per day, which is not such a bad figure for someone on campus. You can check the job sites like Lexiconn, Fiverr, UpWork & other freelance sites to find work related to writing.

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2. Web Designing

If you know how to design websites and you consider yourself a tech savvy person then provide web design services and make some good money out of it. The cost of designing a website will vary depending on its complexity, but you can make Ksh 10,000 from designing a simple website.

3. Affiliate Marketing

If you love blogging then you can make money by becoming an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketers basically promote other businesses online and are paid whenever someone buys a product or service through the links they have promoted on their website or blog. It’s easy, but it takes a while before you start making some good money.

4. Social Media Expert

If you love spending time on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, why not make money out of it? There are companies looking for people to manage their social media pages. Most of these jobs are posted online and you don’t require any experience since you will learn on the job.

5.  Vlogging

YouTube is the most popular website for watching videos. You must have observed the various ads when you watch any video on YouTube.You can shoot interesting videos from your smartphone & upload on YouTube. Then you can be a vlogger and make some good cash.

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