Top 5 Radio Stations in Kenya That Pay Good Salaries

According to our research, currently, in Kenya, there are about 6 radio stations which pay their presenters’ good salaries.

Classic FM

Classic FM is the top paying Radio Station in the country. On average, a Radio Presenter earns Sh 120,000 per month. This salary is however paid to fresh graduates and poorly rated Journalists at the station. Influential people like Churchill aka Mwalimu Kingangi and Maina Kageni earn almost Ksh 1 million per month.

Kiss 100

Kiss FM is a sister station to Classic FM. Their salaries don’t vary much with Classic 105 but Classic FM brings Radio Africa more revenue than Kiss 100. Presenters like Shaffie Weru and Adelle Anyango earn slightly above Ksh 300,000 per month.

The average salaries for Junior Journalists at the station earn slightly above Sh 80, 000 but experienced ones earn above Sh 150,000.

Capital FM

When you see a company owned by Billionaire Chris Kirubi, know there is money there. Capital FM is among the few companies which can hire a fresh graduate and pay him Sh 250,000 per month.

Radio Citizen

This is another well-paying station in the country. In short, no experienced journalists in the station earns less than Sh 150, 000.

Radio Maisha

Radio Maisha is owned by Standard Media Group. Though the station is not as old as Radio Citizen, their radio presenters are well remunerated.

The average salary for a radio presenter in Radio Maisha is Sh 70,000

Radio Jambo

The station is owned by Radio Africa. It was among the first sports stations in the country. Its reception across the country was extremely good, and within no time, the viewership grew beyond expectations.

They have a program featuring Reggae Music and hosted by Mbusi, who earns more than Sh 700,000 per month. Other Presenters are also not complaining.

Stations with poor salaries include Milele FM, Waumini, KBC Radio and all vernacular stations. For instance, some radio presenters at Minto FM earn less than 20k per month.

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