Top 5 Scandals where Deputy President William Ruto’s name was mentioned

He is a man whose name has been fond of appearing in top scandals and allegations in the recent past. Today, we have compiled a list of  5 corruption and allegations cases that have been leveled against him.

1.  Weston Hotel saga

Various government reports have stated that the land on which Weston stands was irregularly transferred from the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority to his hands which he has been denying.

2. NYS scandal

His office was accused of being a mastermind of the corruption saga that saw the country  lose over 797 Million

3. The Maize scandal 

This one emerged back in the days during the grand coalition government when he used to be the minister of agriculture where he was accused of illegally selling maize from the country’s strategic grains.

4. IDP Land Fraud

In this case, a Kenyan citizen by the name Muteshi was displaced from Eldoret during the 2007 post-election violence and his farm taken. He accused Ruto of unlawfully taking over his farm and sought court intervention.

5. Jacob Juma murder

The deputy president was severally linked to the murder of the city businessman which he chose to remain quiet about it.

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