Top 7 Hottest and Most Beautiful Female DJs in Kenya

DJs are very important people within our modern day society. They are needed to host events such as parties, festivals and sports. These individuals also help to entertain and inform the world through radio, television, podcast and videos. Think about how the modern world would be without DJs? It would be definitely super boring!

Female DJs are just as common as the male variety; considering that this profession is open to both the boy and girl child. However, the list below is an arrangement of Kenyan female DJs who are talented, experienced and for some reason extremely freaking beautiful. Here is a look of our top 8 hottest female DJs in the Kenyan music industry today.

Top 8 Hottest and Most Beautiful Female DJs in Kenya

1. DJ Pierra Makena

Connect with DJ Pierra HERE

2. DJ Malaika 

Connect with DJ Malaika HERE 

3. DJ Tabz 

Connect with DJ Tabz HERE

4. DJ Bee 

Connect with DJ Bee HERE

5. DJ Dii

Connect with DJ Dii HERE

6. DJ Mellow

Connect with Dj Mellow HERE

7. Dj Bunney254

Connect with Dj Bunney254 here

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