Top 7 Kenya’s Most Dangerous Criminals Ever In History ( Number 7 Was The Devil )

Crime in Kenya is not a strange topic and some of the people compiled on this are hardcore criminals and what they did will give you chills down the spine.What they did was inhumane and despicable! Without further ado, let me take you through the list we were able to gather ;

1  Edward Maina Shimoli 

Shimoli is another serial Killer Kenya has ever recorded in its history. Up to his arrest, the Kenyan Carlos the Jackal had confessed to having committed 14 murders, 88 rapes plus multiple bank robberies and drug deals in a 10 year period.; Surprisingly his wife and brother in law were among his victims. Shimoli managed to escape arrest by the Kenya Police for that period of time which earned him a nickname of “Carlos the Jackal”

Shimoli escaped from Kamiti Maximum prison four times. On one occasion during his escape from the prison, he almost chopped off the leg of a prison warder prior to his hanging. On August 2007, Shimoli was killed on Kangundo Road along five accomplices and buried at Kariokor Muslim Cemetery in Nairobi.


2 John Kiriamiti

Kiriamiti was already on a list of most wanted criminals in Kenya at the age of 20. He was a dangerous bank robber and killer who was arrested in 1971 and jailed for 20 years in prison. While in jail, Kiriamiti wrote his famous novel My Life in Crime. He was released 13 years later for portraying good conduct. However, Kiriamiti arrested and jailed again in 1986 after being accused of being part of Mwakenya movement which was planning to overthrow president Moi.  He was sentenced to 7 years and got released after four years on February 11, 1990, the same day Nelson Mandela was released from prison. Two days later, Kiriamiti was accused of assassinating Foreign Affairs Minister Robert Ouko.

Today, Kiriamiti is best known as the writer of My Life in Crime and My Life with a Criminal; books which have been widely read.  He is lucky to have survived in an era of notorious criminals.

3 Gerald Wambugu Munyeria Alias Wanugu

Wanugu used to be a tout before becoming a mechanic. He was a famous bank robber who outdid the Kenyan police for a period of 10 years. Wanugu was sprayed with bullets 6 months after his friend Wacucu shot dead in Kabatini, Nakuru.

4 Simon Matheri Ikere

Our list will be definitely incomplete if this man fails to appear. Up to his arrest, Matheri was accused of at least 11 murders, rapes, robberies, and carjackings. Renowned international scientist and AIDS researcher Prof Joel Bwayo and an American missionary were some of the victims of his cold blood murders. He was killed in 2007 when more than 200 heavily armed police officers raided his house in Athi River.

5 Anthony Ngugi Kanagi Alias Wacucu

Wacucu is said to have committed 6 recorded serial killings up to his death. He started out as out a matatu tout with his friend in crime Wanugu who later become Kenya’s most wanted criminals for 10 years. Wacucu was gunned down in January 1996 in Rongai while his friend Wanugu was sprayed with bullets 6 months later in Kabatini, Nakuru. Surprisingly, both were gunned down by the same policeman – Daniel Seronei.

6 Daniel Kiptum Cheruiyot alias Frank

Frank was once a Police officer but later lost his job for hiring out his gun out to robbers. Police described him as a violent gangster, trainer and gang leader. He pursued the murder of two police officers in Nairobi which led to his arrest later. His infamous arrest took 5 hours. Watch the whole crackdown here.

7 Bernard Matheri Alias Rasta

He was a renowned gangster in the 90’s who terrorized Kenyans. In August 1995, the Kenyan police named him alongside Wacucu, and  Wanugu in their most wanted list.  He was later gunned down 2 years later by an elite squad of the Kenya police in River Thuruthuru.

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