Top Areas To Invest In Apartments In Nairobi

An apartment or flat is a self-contained housing unit that occupies only part of a building, generally on a single level. These apartments are usually rented out to tenants either on short term or long term.

Some of the best places to invest in apartments within Nairobi have these self-selling reasons; high annual uptake, availability of development land. infrastructure, returns, and proximity to main business nodes in Nairobi like malls.

So if you have interests in Real Estate and want to invest in apartments within Kenya’s capital, then here is a list of the best areas to put your investment.


1. Ridgeways                           3.0                                                  2.5                                                                  2.5

2.Kilimani                               2.0                                                   2.0                                                                  3.0

3.Langata                                2.0                                                   1.0                                                                   2.5

4.Dagoretti                             3.0                                                   2.5                                                                   2.5

5.Westlands                            1.5                                                   2.0                                                                   3.5

John Nyabuto

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