Top East African Musicians Who Are Banking Massively On Beefs

Competition is healthy, and as a matter of fact, when there is competition, the parties involved tend to work tirelessly to outdo each other.
This is evidently and vividly seen in the music where one musicians tried to dethrone the other or disparage him/her  and this gets serious and personal,sometimes even ugly.
Musicians spend sleepless nights working on new jams  amd what do we get at the end?,they end up producing some of the best jams we have ever heard.
With millions of fans waiting, the musicians bank in alot in sales of concert tickets, online music stores and even endorsements…just because of a beef.

Here are some of the musicians who have taken advantage of their ‘beefs’ and raked in millions.


1.Diamond & Alikiba
Well, this is evident. The duo are trying to outdo each other on who rules the bongo music industry and we are enjoying because anytime they battle it out in studios, what they give forth is marvelous. Alikiba may not be releasing a jam each ‘week’ but oozes excellence whenever he leaves the studio. He is one musician who doesn’t fancy collabos but once he goes in for one…then trust me,it is a masterpiece. Diamond on the other side banks on frequent collabos from the who’s who in the music industry but is a living bongo legend anyway, releasing hit after hit just like Alikiba.
In their latest show of might and showbiz ‘enmity’,Diamond And King Kiba released jams almost concurrently and we were absolutely smitten.Seduce Me and Zilipendwa are topping the charts with seduce me garnering more views on Youtube than Diamond’s zilipendwa and this makes the beef even thicker.

2.Chameleone & Bebe Cool
This two dancehall heavyweights are not reading from the same page soon. Their beef started way back when the duo were working with ogopa deejays.
Bobi Wine, now an Mp in Uganda teamed with Bebe cool back then and waged a war against Chameleone. They have all made such a big fortune out of their beef with their jams receiving massive airplay across east Africa and this is not ending anytime soon.
Bebe Cool’s Mbozi Za Malwa with Sauti Sol was one of a jam,  while Chameleone’s collabo with Elani and later Vivian was a show of might between the two and a scramble for a major percentage of Kenyan fans.

3. Octopizzo & Khaligraph Jones
They seem pretty irreconcilable. With a minute issue provoking khali to produce a diss track, we just sit back and watch them battle it out in the musical arena. Their beef with Octo rekindled again when Khali lightened his skin and after the Toa Tint( Mask Off) jam by Khali, Octopizzo brought it back like a ‘TBT’ it was.

Octopizzo, Rabbit and Khaligraph at a past event

4.Bahati & Willy Paul
We can call this a child’s fight. Because they are in the gospel industry, have no good reason to hate on each other, can’t do a diss song because we need to hear God in the lyrics and are just babyish.
Anyway, whatever the beef they have, they too have banked on it for instance if Bahati releases a song today, Willy paul must release his next week even if it doesn’t make any sense or any spiritual relevance and they make money.

5. Nyashinski & Kenyan Hip-hop artistes
Nyashinski came from a musical break and just took everything by storm. If you have listened to Aminia, you know that he ain’t bluffing as he goes tough on kenyan hip-hop artistes telling them that even if he went for a break for a while he will still come back and dethrone them.
He is perfect though in his art and is destined for greatness but Octopizzo and Khali ain’t sleeping, they are the nut to crack for Nyash.


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