Top Image Consultants In Kenya

Image consultancy can be easily defined as a professional field where clients hire an image consultant to evaluate, improve, enhance, update, or upgrade their appearance to ensure that their Image is consistent with their personal, social, and professional roles and goals—with what they want to accomplish in life.

Boosting your physical image usually helps to make a great first impression and that’s exactly why image consultants are very important especially to celebrities and politicians. It takes only an eye for style and passion to be an image consultant. Kenyans are slowly embracing the importance of image in the workplace because a big majority nowadays want to get ahead of the rest and/or make an impact.

Have a look at some of the top image consultants in Kenya today.

1.Mwenesi Musalia

Mwenesi Musalia is an image and behaviour consultant, a communication strategist and an MC. He advises on the general dress code, general appearance and to carry oneself and he has worked with many notable figures in the media industry. Mwenesi has been also on many TV shows to educate Kenyans about what image consultancy is and its importance.

2. Nthenya Macharia

She is the founder of Nthenya the Brand Inc. and the CEO of Orange Company. Nthenya is a certified image and etiquette consultant and also a member of the Association of Professional Image Consultants in South Africa and a member of the International Beauty and Image Consultations Association. She also offers individual consultations like top executives and politicians. Nthenya also helps clients to identify their image strengths and device strategies to unlock and achieve their potential.

Apart from image consultancy, she is a corporate emcee, a writer, speaker and a host.

Phone: 0722595588


3. Bella Borsa Consultants

Bella Borsa was founded by Nicole Mwangi. Nicole and her team offer transition support for corporates and individuals, they also offer image consultancy services ranging from physical appearances and presentations. They have a collective passion for excellence in grooming.

Phone: 0710484899


4. Olive Gachara

Olive Gachara is the brains behind Couture Africa magazine which she is also the editor in chief. She is a marketer and image consultant and she has been in the fashion and corporate and publishing industry for almost 10 years now. Olive has a rich history of image consultancy and she has been featured in various local and international publications. She has graced many shows both locally and internationally.

Phone: 0722650119/0723669404


5. Imagesavvy Africa

This is an image consultancy and etiquette firm within Nairobi with a sole purpose of building personal and corporate brands. They empower people and corporates on image matters more so on wardrobe planning and detox, personal branding and business etiquette. Imagesavvy works with certified and experienced  image consultants like Joseph Karamoja who tops up as their main facilitator

6. Public Image Africa

This is one of the first organisations to address image and etiquette matters in Kenya. Public image offers both pieces of training and consultancy services. They blend international etiquette with corporate training programmes which give the participants confidence, sophistication and business skills.

Phone: 07203673164/ 0703041164


7. Ace Style Consultants

Ace Style is a fashion consulting company. Consultants who work for Ace can manage your wardrobe be it for events, professional engagements or even work and you can always make a positive impact and a good first impression wherever you go because you already project a confident image.

Phone: 0700279370


8. Pastor Robert Burale 

Robert Burale is an emcee, image consultant, motivational speaker, actor, PR and Marketing Strategist. He is also the CEO of The RB (Readily Bold) Company and also the founder of The Robert Burale School of Leadership. He is one of the top image consultants in Kenya.

Phone number: 0727 011858

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