Top Online Sites To Shop For Cars In Kenya

We all want to own a car someday, I mean who doesn’t want to?  But buying a car requires money, first, and then second you require to shop for the best car that won’t be breaking down often, or the one that guzzles fuel like a thirsty beast, thirdly, just like anybody who loves shopping online, we all love shopping at our convenience and comfort.

Shopping for a car of your dreams online in the comfort of your couch is amazing. You don’t have the hustle of going frequently to the showrooms to go check them out, and you only need to get off your couch and check your package once it has arrived if it’s genuine and ready to hit the roads.

Well, below is a list of top online sites you can shop for both new and second-hand cars.


They are leading importers of cars from Japan and the UK to Kenya

Contact: 0728308043


The top online seller of motor vehicles in Kenya. They have a big variety of vehicles for buyers to choose from. Sellers can also sell their cars to them if they can’t get a buyer.


Pigiame offers a variety of products online from pets, electronics, fashion, jobs, baby products, property for sale and rent and vehicles.
Their vehicles are both used and new and others are imported from abroad.


Offers buyers and sellers a chance to meet and argue the prices out or for sellers to just sell their vehicle to kenyancarbazaar. They also sell new cars and imported ones.


Just the normal Jiji we know, you just flip through the thousands of vehicles available for sale and choose your favorite. Then you contact the buyer and when you come to agreeable terms on price, you can take your car. As I said before in the other article about top online shopping sites in Kenya, you need to exercise a lot of caution while shopping on OLX.
Sellers can also sell their cars here.


Jumia deals have many products on sale from cars, to land, houses and even places to rent out.
Their cars are majorly used but almost new ones with low mileage.

Found in South C, toyotsu automart is one of the top sellers of pre-owned cars in Kenya. They have a showroom in South C and after selling for you the car, they take care for aftersales at a very fair price.


This is an only car selling site. Majority of cars sold here are imported and used Japanese cars but in good conditions. They are a credible ar selling company though with all ranges of vehicles from Toyota to BMW and Mercedes. Their offices are found along Mombasa road past Cabanas.


This is one of the biggest importers of cars from Japan in Kenya. Majority of their cars are pre-owned cars from Japan and they are in all varieties that a buyer can want and at very tempting prices. The only problem about the price comes in when you have to pay duty at the port but the vehicles sold here are very cheap.


With a wide variety of vehicles, fortisauto is a must stop for people shopping around for cars.
They have showrooms at Elmoro drive next to Nakumatt Lavington.


The Kenya Autobazaar association sells both new and pre-owned cars.
Some of their vehicles are imported from abroad but are pre-owned.


Gigi motors offer buyers and sellers a chance to sell their car, buy a car locally or import directly through them by a click of a button. They boast with 15 years of experience and sales of millions of roadworthy vehicles over the years.
Their collection of vehicles ranges across all brands.

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