Top Radio Stations in Kenya By Region 2018

Leading mobile surveying platform GeoPoll has released the latest research of top Radio stations in Kenya by regions as of 2018. From the report, Royal media radio stations dominate in all the regions having at least one of its media in the top three.

Inooro station which broadcast in Kikuyu is the most listened radio station Central, Standard Group’s Radio Maisha tops in the Coast region, Ramogi is the most listened in the Lake region, Royal Media’s Musyi FM takes the lead in the lower Eastern region, Radio Africa’s Classic 105 still leads as the most listened radio station in Nairobi, Star FM leads in North Eastern region,  Serian FM which broadcast in Samburu language leads in the North Western region, Radio Citizen leads in the Rift region, Egesa FM which broads in the Ekegusii language tops in the South Nyanza region, Radio Citizen tops in the Upper Eastern region and Western region.

Below is a table showing top three most listened to radio stations in Kenya per region.

Central Region

Station Share
Inooro 12%
Radio Citizen 11%
Kameme 11 %


Coast Region

Station Share
Radio Maisha 20%
Radio Citizen 18%
Milele FM 6 %

Lake Region

Station Share
Ramogi 21%
Radio Maisha 14%
Radio Citizen 11 %

Lower Eastern Region

Station Share
Musyi 17%
Radio Citizen 15%
Mbaitu 8 %


Nairobi Region

Station Share
Classic 15%
Radio Citizen 14%
Radio Jambo 10 %

North Eastern Region

Station Share
Star FM 21%
BBC World 13%
Radio Citizen 10 %

North Western Region

Station Share
Serian FM 22%
Radio Maisha 21%
Radio Jambo 18 %


Rift Region

Station Share
Radio Citizen 14%
Radio Maisha 13%
Kass 12 %

South Nyanza Region

Station Share
Egesa 19%
Radio Maisha 16%
Radio Citizen 15 %

Upper Eastern Region

Station Share
Radio Citizen 13%
Radio Maisha 11%
Muuga FM 10 %

Western Region

Station Share
Radio Citizen 25%
Radio Maisha 17 %
Radio Jambo 10 %


Victor Matara

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