Top Ten Highest Paid Djs in Kenya

Being a Dj has over time evolved to be one of the highest paying careers in our country today.  The number of events that have been happening lately is a true revelation of how the career has turned out to be lucrative.

Events increase each day and entertainment is a paramount so professional sound experts demand has increased hence the Dj demand has doubled.

In no particular order, here are some of the highest paid DJs in Kenya today.

1.DJ Joe Mfalme
Dj Joe Mfalme likes keeping it professional.
He doesn’t document everything happening in his life on social media but rather documents his profession. He tops the chart today by charging approximately Sh170,000 to Sh210,000 for regional and international events, and approximately Sh90,000- 120,000 for local gigs.  It is also good to note that Joe has endorsed many brands in Kenya from Guinness made of black to the latest one being KFC. He also deejays at Capital Fm and Maisha Magic East

2.DJ Mo
Mo charges around Sh140,000 and Sh190,000 for regional and international events respectively and Sh100,000 and Sh150,000 for corporate events. Learning institutions pay around Sh70,000 and Sh100,000 for Mo’s services.
Dj Mo also earns from hosting gospel shows on NTV and Capital FM, he also runs a DJ academy called system Unit.  Other than that Mo has been seeing local endorsing brands like Broad ways bread.

3.Kris Darlin
If you love reggae, then you probably know Kris Darlin. He hosts Jamrock on NTV and multiple club events both locally and internationally. This man gets around 150, 000 – 300,000 from major gigs and 90,000 for club events.  He calls himself ” The President’s Dj ” which speaks how much he gets from such big state events.

5. Creme De La Creme

He asks for around ksh135,000- 200,000 for corporate events and for local and international gigs. He also hosts a show as a Dj for KTN’s Tonight live.

6.DJ Kalonje
He made a brand for himself through playing or rather selling his mixtapes to matatus in town. Sho while travelling through town, you can’t miss to hear a Dj Kalonje mixtape and slowly, he has become a household name. He charges around Sh130,000 and Sh180,000 for local and  International gigs. Institutional events rake for him around Sh70,000 and Sh100,000.

7.Dj Hypnotiq
Hypnotic charges around Sh100,000 – 150,180,000 for local and international gigs and Sh30,000 and above for local club gigs. His cash also comes from Capital FM where he is employed.

4.DJ Hassan
She has become a face of many events and the name has gained credibility. Dj Hassan asks for around Sh100,000 for corporate events and Sh50,000 to Sh60,000 for learning institutions. He gets sh50,000 from club events and Sh125,000 -200,000 for regional and international performances. He is a deejay on KBC TV too.

8. Dj Pierra
She charges within Sh120,000 – 180,000 for concerts locally and internationally and Sh30,000 for club gigs. She also hosts a morning show on Y 254Tv.

9.Dj Kaytrixx
Kaytrixx rarely speaks about how much he charges but clients normally say that he charges around sh130,000 – 170,000 for corporate events and hosts a show too on KTN’s Str8 Up Live.

10.DJ Protégé

He asks for ksh120,000-175,000  for corporate but is usually conservative on what he charges on many local events and club gigs. He is also a Resident house Dj at the leading Fm Station in Kenya, Capital FM.


 Other DJs like NickDee of Kiss Tv also get good cash from their Academies and Media houses.

John Nyabuto

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