Top Ten Most Listened to Radio Stations in Kenya

Kenya, like many countries, is full of people who love listening to the radio. Radio programs are simply convenient because it lets you hear the news, listen to music, and even enjoy talk show conversations while still allowing you to multitask freely.

Radio Citizen of Royal Media still leads with a share of 15% of Kenyan listeners with Mombasa Road based Radio Maisha taking the second spot with 12% market share.

Below is a list of most listed radio stations in Kenya as per a research conducted by GeoPoll recently.

Radio Station Market Share
Radio Citizen 15%
Radio Maisha 12%
Radio Jambo 8%
Kiss FM 7%
Classic FM 6%
Milele FM 5%
Kameme FM 3%
Ramogi FM 3%
Radio Taifa 2%
Others 36%


Is your favourite radio station featuring anywhere?

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