Top Video Editing Apps You Should Try Out For Android

With an increase in the number of vloggers lately, editing your videos for upload can take some time. When one shoots a video and wants to edit it and post it almost simultaneously, the major setback can be editing since one has to look for a good spot, sit with his/her laptop and then do the editing using heavy PC software like Adobe Premier. So if somebody is travelling or hiking and wants to edit and post that video, or rather has no electricity connection in that area, there is an option of using video editing applications for android.

They do much of the editing work in a simplified way without much of a struggle.
Here is a list.

This is one app I love using because, one thing is that this app does not put a watermark glued throughout your video, its at the end hence you can easily cut or trim it off. You can also trim, cut , employ slow motion, add filters, reverse videos, share videos directly to YouTube and other social media sites , tens of transitions, and music.

One of the most popular and most used video editing apps on both android, PC, Mac and IOS.
This app can trim, cur, add text, slow motion, tens of filters and you can add music to make your video more appealing.

This is one video editing app you can use virtually everywhere. It is easy to use and needs no tutorial or manual. It is one of the most basic apps to edit funny videos to circulate within your circles and has many features to suit your taste.

4.Adobe Premiere Clip
This one is an accredited video editing app for android. With many features including autogeneration of videos for lazy editors and also an option for manual editing. It is available for free on the playstore

Quik, just like Filmora doesn’t have its watermark floating beside your video all through.
You can import videos, pictures and GIFs and combine them, trim them,add transitions, add music and also share directly from the application.

This is one comprehensive app that comes with tens of features and hundreds more which are in purchase. It has many effects, filters, quick editing tools, collage, music addition, slowmotion, reverse videos and direct export from the app.

7.Funimate Video Effects Editor
Well, this app may not sound or seem any familiar but once you download it from Playstore and use it, you wont regret a day. With more than enough filters and quick editing features, you can rely on this app for easy and one touch video editing.

8.Free Video Editor
This is a rather simple app mostly for starters in video editing. It offers basic features like trimming, arranging the clips, adding music, a few filters and addition of emojis.

9.Movie Maker Filmmaker
Just like other apps, Movie Maker Filmmaker is another amazing editing application. Despite struggling with bug problems, this application rivals some of the top apps with over 800k downloads after its redesign.

This one requires one to cough out some few shillings to get it but all it’s features are identical to all other video editing apps.
The app is available for use for free on the trial mode just like some games.

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