Top Voice Coaches In Kenya

This is a list of top voice coaches in Kenya. A voice coach or a vocal voice coach is a music teacher, usually a piano accompanist, who helps singers to improve their singing technique and take care of and develop their voice. Vocal coaches may give private music lessons or group workshops to singers. They may also coach singers who are rehearsing on stage, or who are singing during a recording session.

Many musicians have not embraced the fact that voice coaches are fundamental in their career but voice coaches play a very crucial role in a musicians’ career. Few musicians like Sauti Sol, Bahati, Elani, Wahu and  Nyashinski have used voice coaches before and you can vividly judge that their vocals are usually on point.

Here is a list of top voices in Kenya.

1. Lydia Ndwiga

This is one of the top voice coaches in Kenya. Lucy has worked with many celebrated Kenyan musicians like Sauti Sol, Bahati and Nyashinski, Wahu and even Elani.

She has also worked with the likes of Mbuvi, Band Beca, Pascal Tokodi and Nasizu Múrúme and the list goes on and on. She’s the most sought-after voice coach in Kenya at the moment. Lucy Ndwiga also does background vocals for movies and songs and also lends her vocals too.

2. Filah Tuju

Filah Tuju is a composer, Arranger, Producer Singer-Songwriter and a voice coach. He was part of the music group Pentharmony which won a Kisima Award in 2008, and Chaguo La Teeniez award in 2009. At the moment, he the owner of Redfourth Music Academy and is a choir trainer for many schools including Statehouse Girls and UpperHill High.

Maryann Harrison is a music director, songwriter, composer, a practising but already experienced voice coach, live stage performer and a Counselor(dealing with teens & youth on social, psychological and emotional issues). She teaches musicians how to sing, coordinate vocals and the instrumentals and many other musical skills.
You can as well check her profile on CreativePool here

4. Melody House

Melody House is a Nairobi based recording studio, production company and Music school that offers media production, education, business and career development services. Some of their media production education entails  practical experience in Piano, Guitar, Voice, Songwriting techniques, Deejaying, Sound Engineering/ Music & Film Production

They have experienced voice coaches to fine tune your vocals to your desired vocals.

5. Kamata School of Music

Kamata School offers guitar lessons, violin lessons, vocal coaching lessons, DJing lessons, saxophone lessons, drum lessons and even piano lessons. In vocal coaching lessons or classes, you will learn effective singing techniques, rich vocal texture, unique sound with an increased vocal range and your confidence will be built up too.

Check out more details about Kamata on their website

6. The Invisible Crown Music 

Students here are taught how to produce harmonious tunes using their voices in an intricate coaching program so as to perfect their singing art. Their vocal training sessions also have a unique coaching program that ensures that the students get the best in both the vocal field and the general presentation field. This program entails voice registration. tone quality, intonation, beat and rhythm, reading music, composition, breath support and sustaining, solfege and intervals, expressive movements and facial expressions and performance tactics.

Check their other programs here

7. Natalie Lukkenaer

Natalie is a voice coach and a music  business professional . She further tops up as the founder and diector of Sauti Academy which is an artiste development programme under the Penya Africa umbrella.

8. Sauti Academy

It started way back in 2010 by Natalie Lukkenaer and it basically helps to nurture and develop a singer’s talent.Sauti academy is a music powerhouse having had trained the likes of Bhati, H_art the Band, Elani, Willy Paul, Prisca Ojwang , Phy and many more others.


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