Travel Blogging as a Successful Business

The life of a travel blogger is a dream for many, all the glamorous destinations, those perfect days at the beach, and cruising around the most luxurious of places helps create some amazing memories.

No wonder why so many people are willing to start their own travel blog and invest in it as a full-time business. Some even drop out of college to travel the world and make money from it. So, what can you expect to gain from being a travel blogger? Can you really make that much money by writing essays and posting blogs? Let’s take a look at the statistics of what travel blogging has to offer.

Keep reading to find out all that you want to know about the life of a travel blogger, especially if you plan on investing in this lifestyle.

Travel Blogging as a Successful Business

Since 2015, blogging has been on the rise, increasing by a staggering 12% by 2019, statistics show. Travel blogging has become more popular in recent years. Most travel bloggers start writing essays and blogs entirely as a hobby. But, as time goes by, they gather more audience, eventually turning it into a business. For anyone who has managed to make a career of writing essays on their travel blog, this is a dream come true.

Why Is Travel Blogging so Popular?

The internet has developed and advanced over the years. Now, writing content online and sharing experiences about your travels is a cool thing to do. People want to hear about it, read different advice, and experience the world through a blog.

Here are a couple of reasons why this type of online activity is on the rise.

  • Getting Paid
  • Having the opportunity to write original content
  • Learning more
  • Being inspired and encouraged to travel
  • Documenting all the events that happened

Firstly, you get paid to travel. You have the chance to see the world. Not only that, but you also get to escape the real problems most people are dealing with, like stress at the office, demanding bosses, too much workload, etc. The life of a blogger is all about visiting exotic places, traveling, and meeting new people.

You also get to learn from the different cultures, exchange experiences, and knowledge with those you’ve met. This experience can provide you with ideas to write completely original content, giving your essay a new life and more energy. So, the next time you will want to write an essay, you can use things you’ve experienced to compile an excellent piece of work.

Lastly, it’s all about documenting memories. That blog you will write will remain there forever. So, the next time you want to remind yourself of the things that happened, you can go back to that blog and read it again. All the pictures you will take, and the things you will write will bring back memories in seconds. No one else can document that many events are better than a travel blogger.

How Do Travel Bloggers Make their Money?

According to statistics, 59% of all bloggers who have a travel blog, have multiple such blogs to bring in more revenue. 94% of them make money from advertisements, while 33% sell travel advice. Their main income comes from sponsored posts.

Mainly the sources of income are:

  • sidebar adverts,
  • brand promotions,
  • selling their own merchandise.
  • Freelance writing
  • Course sales
  • Branded content
  • Social media campaigns

Even though living as a travel blogger you get paid, you can’t rely on it for the first year to pay all the bills. Every beginning can be difficult. If you want to be a successful travel blogger, but still travel and make money, the good idea is to rely on freelance gigs like writing, consulting, or working on social media.

However, if you become a successful travel blogger, your blog can be your only source of income. For that, you need to earn a steady sum from affiliates, ads, and sponsored blog posts.

What to Expect When Starting a Travel Blog Career

For the first couple of months, you will be very busy managing the blog, getting more traffic, learning how the whole process works, etc. In the meantime, your blog can be up and running. That’s why you will probably be looking for a service to pay to write essay. To have a constant stream of written content, you can pay for that content to avoid writing it yourself. That way, you can have more time to focus on your travels.


When you are writing travel literature, you will be focusing on creating guide books, blogs, articles about outdoor living, and more. Everything that has to do with traveling, you will implement it on your blog.

Of course, you will face plenty of challenges down the road. Whether it is getting more traffic, sponsors, or social media influence writing high-quality content, you will have to work hard and get through it. For many beginner bloggers, it’s difficult to figure out how to write a literary analysis essay, that’s why some pay for essay writing. Anything that can promote your business can be useful in the long-run.

How to Get More Traffic?

Getting in more traffic brings more income from the blog, and there is a lot that goes into making a blog popular. One such factor is SEO writing. This can make the blogs pop up more often for those researching travel-related content.

Another important factor is social media. For any travel blogger, social media plays an important role in getting in more traffic. Based on a recent survey, 100% of all travel bloggers promoted their blogs on Twitter, 98% used Facebook, and 67% relied on Google+. Pinterest and YouTube were popular networks as well, bringing in plenty of traffic. 50% of travel bloggers relied on YouTube to promote their content, while 60% used Pinterest.

In other words, it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and persistence to get positive results.


Travel blogging is not as easy as it seems; in fact, it’s just like any business. At first, when you start to work as a travel blogger, it will be tough and hard to get by. It may not be as lucrative as other types of business, office work, or other jobs. Nevertheless, you still get paid to do it, and for many, this is the perfect life to live. If you are dedicated to making your travel blog a success, then this might be the ideal job for you. But, be prepared to face some challenges along the road.