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Travel To The Scandinavia

Travelling and experiencing Scandinavia for whatever reasons has never been so necessary as it is today. Today, you can organize your itinerary in just a few days, have your travel documents in order and set off for an adventure, business or any form of trip that suits you. However, this may not be straightaway in the case of going on a long term residence such as work, study or family reunification. In this era of disguised mass immigration, countries in the Scandinavia have various frameworks for assessing resident permit applications which may sometimes seem time-wasting.  A lot of things come to play when you seek long term residence such as financial ability, the possibility of you returning when your permit expires, and the ranking of your country in the immigration classification. Again, you are not even sure what to expect when you arrive at the destination. With adequate prior information, it is possible to avoid such inconveniences when moving to Scandinavia.

Getting to Scandinavia

Many people from different parts of the world, especially professionals in critical areas such as engineering, computer science, and health troop to Scandinavia due to the high demand for such skills there. This may be a nice opportunity for you to explore as an ambitious scholar or skilled worker. However, you need to always check with the immigration services, embassies or foreign missions in your country to be sure what exactly you need before moving to Scandinavia as an expat. The mere fact that you have a passport and certain skills or academic qualifications does not guarantee you eligibility for a residence permit or even visa. The immigration authority must always pursue your intended stay until they get convinced of its legitimacy. Any information gaps is likely to earn you a denial of permit or visa.

Even if you succeed in getting the visa or residence permit, you face the next challenge of knowing what are your boundaries when already in Scandinavia. You may need to know what culture to expect, foods, attractions, jobs, housing, and schools. Something important about the Scandinavia is civil registration. They actually give you a gateway to full experience of the social system there. In Denmark, the personal registration number is called Civil Personal Registration (CPR), Swedish personal identity number (Sweden) and Norwegian identification number (Norway).

Important websites for someone moving to the Scandinavia