10 Types Of Kenyans You Will Meet At The ATM

Like the Bible says, we are all wonderfully and fearfully made in the image and likeness of God. That is what makes us totally different from each other in terms of character and personality. In life, you get to rub shoulders with all sorts of people, from the haves to the have-nots and the experience never the same. I bet you have an ATM card and every other time you are always in the queue making transactions from your bank, be observant.  Here are some of the crazy Kenyans you will experience while queuing at the ATM, that will just make your day.

1.The one who takes forever at the ATM Machine because they don’t know how to operate it. They stay in there for like thirty minutes trying out and failing because they are too scared to ask for help. When you think they are done and are actually leaving, you realize they have actually come out to ask for help.

2. The ones that wait until it’s almost your turn and pops up from the blues claiming that, “I was behind him” yet the whole time you were queuing and waiting they were nowhere to be seen. You are too tired to start a fight so you just let them get on with it.

3. Those that really don’t trust the ATM machines. After the machine has vomited the amount that they were withdrawing, they step aside and count the notes ten times repeatedly just to make sure the machine didn’t try tricks on them.

4. The old grannies who are so skeptical about the youths and won’t let them help them. They are always scared that they may steal from them or know their pins and empty their bank accounts. They literally refuse any technical help from any young person.

5. The impatient ones at the back of the line that will be on your neck, hurrying you up like they got an emergency. They start shouting and making noise, and they can’t let you spend more than five minutes in there withdrawing money. You don’t get any peace of mind from these ones.

6. The broke students who waste your time on the line cause they came in blindly to check if someone remembered to boost their zero bank account. To their disappointment, they leave the ATM empty handed and you wonder what happened to smartphones and mobile banking.

7. The ones who will be on the line the whole time and you’ll think they want to withdraw too. Only for you to withdraw and they come to you asking you to help them some cash because they are stranded. They come with a sad face and beg you for some money like they saw some refuge in you.

8. The nosy ones that will be craning their necks to see how much you’ve withdrawn, and even try to master your pin. They get so close that you can feel their breath on your hair. You keep thinking to yourself, why some people can’t really mind their business.

9. The ones that will ask you to keep a distance because they think you want to steal from them, yet all they have withdrawn is a few one hundred shilling notes making them feel so rich and loaded.

10. The ones that come with several expired ATM to try their luck and the machine ends up swallowing one. So the whole systems jams and you cant withdraw. Before the system is rebooted, you have to wait another day or two before everything clocks back to normal.


Life is be beautiful, time is precious. Make the most out of it.