Types Of Vehicles You Should Avoid Travelling In As You Go Home To Vote

Elections are here again and as you saw recently on both social media and mainstream media, very many people who had registered as voters upcountry are filling bus stations to go vote come Tuesday.

Since there is a heavy traffic of people wanting to travel, there has been a massive shortage of public transport means to various areas countrywide.
Kenyans who are desperate to travel look for all means possible to go upcountry and vote and  we looked on some of the vehicles you should avoid travelling in during this period.

1.Private Vehicles
Private cars don’t have whatsoever a permit to do public services. It flouts traffic rules and the the penalty can amount to heavy fines or a jail term.
Private vehicle owners who feel like they need some extra coins for fuel usually take advantage of desperate travellers and charge them highly because they will pay that anyway.
Avoid travelling in private cars which are not allowed to work as PSVs

2. Vehicles Plying In Town Only
We all know this vehicles which only ply in town or to the outskirts but during times like this, they start operating long distances. They are both dangerous and illegal to travel in. One, many of this vehicles bribe their way to operate upcountry because they don’t want to pay for temporary permits. Secondly the drivers are not used to the routes and terrain of the places they are going. Anything might happen.
Thirdly, this drivers are not used to driving for long distances…

3.Heavy Commercial Vehicles
Mostly for long distances, the drivers of this vehicles mint money from desperate travellers who want an express and cheaper travelling cost. It might be abit slower but economically and if flagged down by police and its established that the latter are passengers, the driver and the passenger may be slapped a hefty fine, imprisonment or both and the driver may as well as lose his job.
So its better if you travelled using the right means or just travelled early.

4.Courier Services Vehicles
This are some of the vehicles which are not allowed to carry any passengers whatsoever. So there is nothing like a transport licence or permit or you being a relative so you can travel in them. That’s traffic rules violation and even violation of the rules of the company which has employed the driver.

5. Tour Wagons/Vehicles
Tour vans are commonly  when the shortage of public vehicles goes beyond control. The owners who think this is a major business opportunity take a temporary transport permit and there they go.One thing you should know is that the drivers of these vehicles are not used to long distances with passengers and loads of luggage and anything can happen. Just be safe

John Nyabuto

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