UAP Old Mutual Insurance Products and Branches in Kenya

This is a list of products offered by UAP Old Mutual Insurance and its branches in Kenya. It is one of the 56 licensed insurance companies in Kenya by the Insurance Regulatory Authority. UAP and Old Mutual were individual insurance companies before they merged in 2015.

UAP Old Mutual Insurance Products

a) Personal Products 

1.Health Insurance  

Afya Imara 

This is an enhanced medical insurance cover that offers both inpatient and outpatient benefits and has flexible packages applicable to individuals, families groups, and SMEs.

Afya  Imara County 

This is an affordable medical insurance cover with high-quality medical provider networks. This cover caters for both inpatient and outpatient benefits countrywide.  It is designed for individuals and families, with up to four inpatient cover limits to choose from and three options for outpatient.

 Afya Imara Seniors

This is an enhanced insurance solution that provides health benefits for individuals between the ages of 65 years up to 80 years and offers both inpatient and outpatient. Once an individual joins the scheme, they are covered for life.

Afya Imara Executive 

With Afya Imara Executive, you get access to specialized medical attention from private doctors.

Afya Imara Junior

This product covers children from the age of 0 years (after discharge from hospital) up to the age of 18. It is a comprehensive medical cover with both inpatient and outpatient benefits.

Gertrude Junior

This plan is a children’s insurance policy that provides low-cost child healthcare and medical expense cover across Kenya. The product is offered in partnership with Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital. It provides outpatient and inpatient services access to Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital and its satellite clinics.

2. Critical & Severe Injury Insurance

This is a cover that offers protection against the financial costs of medicating specific dreaded diseases, including cancer and heart disease.

3. Life Insurance Cover

The cover provides financial refuge in times of hardship and offers stability to your family and loved ones in the event you die.

Whole of Life

It pays a lump sum amount to your beneficiaries when you pass on.

Accidental Death Cover

The policy pays a lump sum of your cover limit to your beneficiaries, in case you pass on from an accident within a specified period when you pass on after an accident.

Term Cover

It pays the lump sum of your cover limit to your beneficiaries, in case you pass on either through natural causes or accidents within the specified period.

Rafiki Halisi Life Plan

This is a policy that lasts your lifetime and finally pays the lump sum of your cover value to your beneficiaries when you’re gone. Every five years, you will be refunded half the value of the contributions you made.

Jamii Funeral Plan

This plan provides financial support to cater for your/beneficiaries’ funeral expenses.

4. Education Insurance & Saving Plans

Elimika Education Plan

This is an affordable savings plan that allows you to invest as little as KShs 2,500 for up to 21 years and to receive staggered payments to cater for your child’s school fees.

Premier Education Plan

It is a flexible savings plan allowing you to invest a minimum of KES. 7, 000 for 10 years while giving you access to emergency funds in the short term and staggered payments in the long term to cater for your child’s school fees.

5. Personal Accident Insurance Cover


This is a 24-hour comprehensive insurance cover that protects you in the event of injuries, disability, or death as a result of an accident.

Student MaxPac

It is a flexible personal accident cover for kids between 3 and 18 years.

6. Motor Private Cover

Third-party and fire 

This cover repairs or replace the vehicle or its parts in case of loss or damage and cover 3rd party legal liability


It provides compensation for legal liability on 3rd party.


It provides compensation for legal liability on 3rd party bodily injury, death,  and damage of property loss in case of fire.

7. Home & Domestic Insurance

Home Insurance

This is a comprehensive insurance package that ensures peace of mind in the comfort of your home. It compensates for loss or damage to your building and the contents, medical expenses from injuries or illnesses, to the domestic workers employed in your private residence, costs arising from legal liabilities due to accidental bodily injuries and, loss, or damage to property.

It also provides cover against loss of or damage to items that you normally use outside your house such as mobile phones, laptops, jewelry.

Makao Salama

It is a unique, innovative policy that provides safety for your property, possessions, family, domestic house helps, and a cover against liabilities. It covers you against loss of, or damage to your house, the contents, and personal effects because of fire, theft, and other accidental occurrences. The policy also provides cover to common areas like swimming pools, perimeter walls, corridors, lighting, and equipment.

On top of that, it provides cover for liability. This includes personal and legal liability to the general public, legal expenses from lawsuits by your domestic employees, and work-related medical expenses for your employees.

8. Travel Insurance 

It provides protection against unforeseen circumstances while on your trip. It covers cover expenses arising from loss of luggage or journey cancellation due to illness, injury or death, costs of any emergency medical attention, legal obligations, and repatriation.

9. Golf Insurance 

It  provides you with a cover against accidents on the golf course or within the club premises. Aside from that, our policy also protects you from the aftermath of unusually good luck such as a hole-in-one.

10.Disability Insurance & Loss Protection Cover

It provides cover against loss of income due to accidental physical harm, to help you cater for adjustments in your lifestyle.

11.Personal Savings Solutions

Premier Savings Plan

This plan enables you to save Ksh 7,000 per month and use your savings plan as collateral to secure loans.

Max Investment

Hakika Savings Plan
This plan enables you to set up a savings plan and get loans at competitive interest rates.
Rafiki Halisi Investment

This plan enables you to set up a savings plan and get a life cover, ten times the value of your contribution.


12. Personal Pension Plan
This plan enables you make contributions which will be given as lump sum upon retirement. You have to contribute at least KES. 500 per month to your savings to keep your account active.
B) Business Products
1.Agricultural Insurance Cover

Livestock Insurance

It provides cover for your livestock against accidental death due to lightning, internal and external injury on location or in transit, Fire, Windstorm, Snakebites, flooding, diseases of terminal nature, emergency slaughter on a Vets advice, calving complications,  theft, and epidemics.
Crop Insurance
It provides compensation for damage to crops arising from; hail storm, fire, drought, excessive rainfall frost damage, flooding, and lightning. The policy also covers farm assets and equipment including greenhouses and irrigation facilities.
2.Group Credit
This policy covers the remaining loan amount in case the client passes on, critical illness, and retrenchment.
3. Trade Credit Insurance
It provides cover against non-payment of business-to-business trade-related debts. This ensures that your business is not adversely affected by the unforeseen failure of non-payment by one or more of your customers.

4. Group Life Assurance

This plan helps to compensate your employees’ dependants when your employees lose their income due to death or disability. This cover is active up until the employee retires or resigns from work.
5.Workplace Injury Insurance
It provides cover against accidental bodily injury, disablement, or death due to work.
Group Personal Accident
It provides cover for your employees against accidental bodily injury or disablement whether at work or as they going about their day to day activities.
6.Corporate Insurance
Corporate Health Insurance
It is designed for companies with more than 10 employees.
SME Solution
This is the ideal health insurance solution for companies with less than 10 employees.
7. Industrial Risk Insurance Cover
This cover is designed to protect your business against all risks that may affect the operations of the entity.
8. Specialty Insurance

It provides covers for mid-sized, large specialty, and complex risks.

  • Clinical Trials – covers all sums that you shall become liable to pay as damages or compensation and claimants’ costs and expenses in respect of any Claim made by the research participants for bodily injury caused by an occurrence happening within the trial duration.
  • Event Cancellation – covers you against the costs and expenses sunk into organizing an event following cancellation, abandonment, postponement, interruption, or relocation. You have the liberty to extend the cover to include loss of profits, personal accident for the organizers, and Public Liability.
  • Bonds & Guarantees –  the policy guarantees payment of interest and premium on purchasing bonds of various types ranging from the bid or tender security bonds, immigration bonds, customs bonds, advance payment bonds, and performance bonds.
  • Kidnap & Ransom – It is a specialized policy for high net worth individuals working in risky areas. The policy covers the risks of kidnap, extortion, wrongful detention, and hijacking. With this cover, you get reimbursed for the cash and, or items surrendered to meet a ransom demand.
  • Prize indemnity – It is a highly tailored compensation policy cover, for competitions where the participants are offered a chance to win jackpot prizes. The cover is available for Draw Based Games Played Online or via a Mobile Device.
  • Oil & Gas Projects- The policy is designed to provide coverage for the various risks players in the oil and gas industry may be exposed to. Cover ranges from drilling to the servicing phases and even manufacturing of machinery parts.
  • Engineering Mega Risks- It is suitable for high-value construction and, or erection projects such as multi-storeyed buildings, ports, railway lines, and power plants. The cover protects the project works, liabilities to third parties and personnel involved during the project phase all through to the operational phase.

9. Marine Cargo Insurance

The cover compensates loss or damage to goods and, or merchandise in transit by sea, air, rail, road, or registered post.
10. Political Violence and Terrorism Insurance
The policy protects investments and businesses from physical loss and damage due to politically motivated incidents.
11. Motor Vehicle & Fleet Insurance
Motor Commercial
This is a comprehensive cover that protects the vehicles used by your business for commercial purposes. The policy has three levels of cover from which you can choose from. Third-Party Only, Third Party Fire & Theft and Comprehensive.
It is an enhanced Motor commercial policy with benefits beyond the standard comprehensive cover.
12. Business and Insitituons 
Biasharasure Insurance Plan
It protects your business and gives you peace of mind that enables you to concentrate on running your business.
It protects the church against unforeseen risks.
This cover is designed for educational institutions like Universities and Secondary Schools to safeguard their property such as dormitories, classrooms, dining halls, staff offices, and houses against any incidences.
This is a comprehensive policy for commercial office premises and professional consulting rooms. With this policy, you get the widest coverage for office contents, loss of money, loss of documents, employees, and legal liability to the public.

13. Umbrella Scheme

This is a retirement plan for your employees. Participating employees choose their own retirement age and contribution rates.
  • The Employer can transfer in any accumulated savings for the accrued past service for staff and save on PAYE tax (currently at KES 240,000 per year)
  • The Employer will not need to appoint a board of Trustees hence all the staff can concentrate on the employer’s core business.
  • Your staff can use up to 60% of their accumulated pension savings as collateral for a mortgage loan.


List of UAP Old Mutual Insurance Branches in Kenya
1. UAP Old Mutual Insurance Head Office 
Location: UAP Old Mutual Tower, Upper Hill Road
Contacts: +254 711 065 777 +254 722 839 641 +254 733 518 345, +254 711 065 100 , +254 711 065 100 +254 711 065 800 +254 20 2850 800
2. UAP Old Mutual Insurance Kimathi Branch
Location: Old Mutual Building, Ground Floor, Kimathi Street
Contact : +254 0711 065 800

3. UAP Old Mutual Insurance Queensway Branch

Location: Queensway Hse 3rd Floor Kaunda Street
Contact: +254 20 2228070, +254 20 222952
4. UAP Old Mutual Insurance Bishop Garden Branch
Location: Bishops Garden Towers, Ground Floor, 1st Ngong Avenue, Bishops Road
Contact : 254 0711 065 800
5. UAP Old Mutual Insurance Westlands Branch
Location: Woodvale Place, 2nd floor, Woodvale Groove Street
Contact: +254 711 010 359
6. UAP Old Mutual Insurance Thika Branch
Location: Twin Oak Plaza, Kwame Nkrumah Road
Contact: +254 714 054 925

7. UAP Old Mutual Insurance Nyeri Branch

Location: Sohan Plaza, Upper Ground Floor, Gakere Road
Contact : +254 711 065 208

8. UAP Old Mutual Insurance Meru Branch

Location: Twin Plaza, Ghana Road
Contact: +254 719 865 878

9. UAP Old Mutual Insurance Machakos Branch

Location: Ground floor, Mutungoni Building, Syokimau Street
Contact: +254 04420 20011/21462
10. UAP Old Mutual Insurance Nakuru Branch
Location; Prestige Plaza, Off Kenyatta Avenue
Contact: +254 711 065 492

11. UAP Old Mutual Insurance Eldoret Branch

Location: Imperial Court, 1st Floor, Nairobi / Uganda Highway
Contact: +254 710 643 254
12. UAP Old Mutual Insurance Kisumu Branch
Location: Tivoli Center, Jomo Kenyatta Avenue
Contact: +254 711 065 070
13. UAP Old Mutual Insurance Kisii Branch
Location: Ouru Complex, Kisii / Kisumu Road
Contact: +254 719 866 915

14. UAP Old Mutual Insurance Bungoma Branch

Location: Cooperative House, Moi Avenue
Contact: +254 719 865 897
15. UAP Old Mutual Insurance Mombasa Branch
Location: Tea House, Ground Floor, Off Nyerere Avenue, behind SBM Bank
Contact: +254 711 065 040
16. UAP Old Mutual Insurance Embu Branch
Location: 1st Floor Sparko Building, Kenyatta Highway,
Contact: +254 734 699 793
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