How to Become Uber Driver in Kenya

Money is welcome anytime and anywhere. Days, when one needs to depend upon a stable job to earn, are history. Nowadays, technology and outsourcing innovations have made it possible for everyone to make money in Kenya. Whether it is to get rich quickly or to meet basic living expenses, several options for making cash fast are easily available. One such an option is to become  Uber driver.

But how does one become a Uber driver? That’s one question that many Kenyans ask themselves when they want to venture into this business. In this article, you are going to learn all the requirements you need to meet in order to be an Uber driver how to get reasonable profits.

Basic Requirements to Become Uber Driver in Kenya. 

1. You must be 20 years old and above

2. PSV Driving License

3. Valid National Identification Document

4. Driver’s Tax Pin Certificate

5. Regular (Non-PSV) driving license / PSV Driving License

6.No criminal record

7. Clean Driving record; Driving without insurance or license, Drunk driving  and reckless driving

8. Vehicle inspection report

9. Motor vehicle registration book

After meeting the above requirements, you can sign up at and thereafter you will receive an email from uber with documents that you be required to fill and send back.  If you have any queries, you can head to “HELP” in the Uber app navigation or tweet them via @uber_kenya

Uber Kenya Contacts 

Phone: 0800-724-786

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Uber Drivers Pay and  Salary

Uber charges passengers at the end of the journey. The fare is calculated on the basis of a base rate, distance and time taken to cover it.

N/B: Time and distance rates will differ depending on the vehicle option that you drive (uberX, UberSelect) and the city you’re driving in.

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