VetLab Sports Club Membership Requirements And Fees

This article focuses on VetLab Sports Club membership requirements and their fees. Veterinary Laboratory Sports Club commonly known as VetLab is one of Kenya’s premier golfing and recreational clubs located Off Kapenguria Rd, Along Loresho Ridge. The club was established in 1923 and is when a group of enthusiasts persuaded the Veterinary Laboratory to make a golf course.  Today, the meticulously designed 18-hole golf course boasting well-constructed greens is rated among the best golf courses in the country.

VetLab Sports Club Amenities

Besides the course, the club offers a range of amenities and services, providing a fully functional and enjoyable experience for its members and guests alike. They include

  • A car wash
  • A football pitch
  • A jogging track
  • A sports bar (The Water Hazard) overlooking the Magnificent 18th Hole on the course
  • A state-of-the-art gym facility
  • Fitness studio with daily classes
  • Relaxing lounge and bar on the ground floor

The club also has plans to put up of Swimming pool, Kids Zone, guest house, and tennis court among other amenities.

Vetlab Sports Club Membership Fees

Below is a breakdown of membership fees from different membership clusters.

Full Membership Male

Joining Fee- Ksh 400,000

Annual Subscription- Ksh 40,000

Monthly Patronage- Ksh 1,500

Development Levy- Ksh 25,000

Full Membership Female

Joining Fee- Ksh 331,100

Annual Subscription- Ksh 40,000

Monthly Patronage- Ksh 1,500

Development Levy- Ksh 25,000

Full Joint Member

Joining Fee- Ksh 595,650

Annual Subscription- Ksh 60,000

Monthly Patronage- Ksh 2,250

Development Levy- Ksh 25,000

Social Member

Joining Fee- Ksh 120,000

Annual Subscription- Ksh 20,000

Monthly Patronage- Ksh 1,500

Development Levy- Ksh 25,000

Junior Member

Joining Fee- Ksh 21,000

Annual Subscription- Ksh 6,000

Corporate Members- Per Head

Joining Fee- Ksh 300,000

Annual Subscription- Ksh 40,000

Monthly Patronage- Ksh 1,500

Development Levy- Ksh 25,000

Expatriates and Diplomats- Temporary Membership

Single Member- Ksh $2,000 Annual Fee

Joint Member- Ksh $3,000 Annual Fee

Monthly Fee- $300

Joining Spouse

Joining Fee- Ksh 350,000

Green Fees

18 Holes

  • Weekdays with a member- Ksh 3,000
  • Weekdays without a member- Ksh 3,500
  • Weekends and public holidays with a member- Ksh 4000
  • Weekends and public holidays without a member- Ksh 4500

9 Holes

  • Weekdays- Ksh 2,500
  • Weekends and public holidays- Ksh 3,000

VetLab Sports Club Requirements and Application Process

  1. The proposer writes a letter recommending the applicant to join the Club.
  2. The applicant then applies by writing an application Letter available on their website.
  3. After filling out the form, it should be returned with two physical passport photos, a photocopy of National ID, a CV, and a Cheque. He/ she should have a proposer and seconder signature on the form.
  4. The proposer and the prospective candidate should attend an induction to the Board of Directors on the 1st Wednesday of every month.
  5. The form with an attached photo of the applicant then goes on the notice board for one (1) Month.
  6. Balloting and approval of membership clear the applicant to start using the club.
  7. During Balloting, the applicant must be accompanied by the proposer.
  8. It’s Only after the Balloting that one is allowed to use the club upon maturity of the last Cheque/payment.
  9. For a joint couple, a photocopy of the marriage certificate will be required.
  10. For Corporate members, they require an introduction letter from the company and CR12

Vetlab Sports Club Contact Information

Physical Location: Kapenguria Rd, Along Loresho Ridge, Nairobi

Phone Numbers: 0723 666611, 0735334477

Email Address:

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